Adopting Corporate Social Responsibility with Care: ClickOnCare

There is much more significance and meaning to CSR than just a standard operating procedure activity by an organization. As essential as CSR is for the community, it is equally important for a company.

ClickOnCare has always believed in a community-based approach to economic development, social awareness, fighting stigmas, and environmental sustainability. This long-standing tradition has been demonstrated through its best practices of educating and servicing their customers first, employing a resilient and diverse workforce, compassion for the community, and looking out for environmental issues.

ClickOnCare understands that CSR activities can help shape a greater bond between employees and organizations; boost morale and help both employees and employers feel more connected with the society around them. According to them to engage in CSR means operating in ways that enhance society and the environment, instead of contributing negatively to them.

As ClickOnCare believes in the mantra of ‘Delivering Health and Wellness with Care for All’, it is partnered with the YouWeCan Foundation, a non-profit organization which works towards cancer control in India with a vision to empower Indians to defeat cancer. The Foundation focuses on four key areas: awareness, screening, treatment support and survivor empowerment to battle cancer in India.

Shabnam Singh, Chairperson, YouWeCan Foundation and Yuvraj Singh Group, says, “We strongly believe that the key to fighting cancer in India lies in awareness and screening. At the YouWeCan Foundation, we want to empower patients with knowledge and resources to fight their battle and help them envision the bright future that lies ahead of them by spreading hope and courage.

ClickOnCare encourages the users of their website to contribute to the noble cause. When a user buys a product, they can contribute towards the cause and those proceeds is then donated to the foundation.

Being in the healthcare segment consigns ClickOnCare with a moral responsibility to serve its customers in crucial times and build a better living standard.

One such instance is the COVID-19 pandemic, where Akshat Malik, Founder & CEO of – an active volunteer with the HAM (Amateur Radio) community – participating in multiple Relief Operations and Supply Coordination, since 2015 at such crucial times, took upon himself to go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver healthcare essentials at customers’ doorstep when the logistic partners were facing operational issues.

Elaborating further on this Mr Malik Says, “Living to our core value of “Care for All” – Our whole team came together, strong and dedicated in the time of needs and played a pivotal role in realigning the inventory overnight to prioritize the need for families with infants and adults and with this our niche in Skin, Hair and Nutrition was shifted to essentials in Baby Food, Mother Nutrition, Adult & Infant Diapers, Hygiene & Sanitary categories.

He further explains; “Since then, our team has been working with local communities for distribution of Reusable facemasks and hand sanitizers and spreading awareness on the necessary precautions and further making the new normal for everyone an easy transition.

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ClickOnCare is a Trademarked Health and Wellness Brand Servicing Domestic and International Markets. Trusted by Hundreds of Doctors and Celebrities, it is the Single Largest Online Skin, Hair, Nutrition & Essential Store in India with delivery across the World.
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