Being a woman is special by itself!

Woman's day

Women have leaped miles in the past few decades. Every day and every minute, more and more women are proving that they are as important as a man for the survival of the society.

They are in every nook and corner, striving and struggling against all odds to establish their identity. There is almost no arena she hasn’t ventured yet and we look in awe at those women who have soared high in their life and stand as role models for all of us.

woman's day   woman's day

This is indeed a special moment. From being limited to the dark spaces of the kitchen, women are climbing mountains and crossing all limits now.

Why is International Women’s Day celebrated on 8th March?

On 8th March 1908, there was a protest in New York with over 15000 women working in textile and clothing factories demanding shorter work hours, voting rights, better pay and an end to child labor. This day was then celebrated throughout the world as women’s day.

What makes a woman special?

I am not going to start about female infanticide and dowry and women abuse. There is so much discussed already!

A woman is a very beautiful creation. She is such a complicated person most times! With a mix of love, emotions and amazing strength, she carves her own identity where ever she is. I am not differentiating a working woman and a home maker. Both ways, she spends quality time and struggles with managing 10 different things at the same time to  make her presence felt and break prejudices about what a woman is capable of.

woman's day

Either in work, or in your family, when you are used to having a girl by your side, you cannot just do without her! Think of how your house will run when your mother/wife is away for a couple of days. There is a reason why an untidy place is called a bachelor’s room!

Life without women is in black and white! She surprises you, loves you unconditionally, spices up life and makes living more bearable, comfortable and exciting.

What does she expect in return?

To be treated with dignity

To be loved in return

To have her own space

To live her own dreams

To support her when she falls back

All this is not a big deal is it? We need not spend money nor a lot of time to give her the above. It is a matter of how much you respect that wonderful woman who plays such an important role in your life. When you treat a woman right, you treat the society right. You show your kids what is right. Every one-percentile growth in female secondary schooling results in a 0.3 percent growth in the economy. So every step towards development of a woman is growth of the society, growth of your family, growth of self.

woman's day

We are no one to give a woman her rights and independence. It is for her to take. Just make sure you don’t stand in the way!

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