Winter skin care – Tips your skin will love

Winter skin care

We have just recovered back from the scorching summer and it finally feels good to feel the cold air that caresses our body these days. The days of sweat and heat are finally months away and we are taking out the comforters and sweaters of last year from the loft with glee!

Having spoken with bias favoring winter, only our skin knows the harsh truth. It is time for dryness, chapped lips, dry, brittle hair and dehydrated broken skin.  Keeping the skin moisturized and healthy during winter is an important but necessary task that most people take very lightly. The following points will help your body and yourself completely enjoy the coldness and snuggle into the warmth of a comforter savoring the pleasure!

Drink enough water/liquids

We do not feel thirsty in winters and hence end up consuming less than necessary water to keep the skin hydrated. Make sure you keep a bottle of water near you all times and consciously drink from it every couple of hours. You can also substitute water with herbal teas that are hot and will keep you fresh and warm.

Winter care

Moisturise your self

Moisturiser is your only god in winter. Good moisturisers keep the skin hydrated for long and prevent cracking of skin, dryness and itchiness. Even the oiliest skin tends to dry up during winter. So make sure you always carry a bottle/tube of moisturiser during the entire season. There are umpteen choices available and they smell great too. So lather up!

Cetaphil Restoraderm skin restoring moisturizer is an highly effective product for extreme cases of dryness. It is accepted by the National Eczema Association of United States and helps retain skin moisture, relieve itchiness and is suitable for anyone more than 3 months of age.

Winter skin care

For people suffering from oily skin, using moisturiser is a great problem. It aggravates the issue and can make the face look like it was dipped in oil!! Cetaphil has come up with a oily skin specific product called the Cetaphil Derma Control Oil Control Moisturizer that doesn’t clog up the pores and hydrates, protects and controls the shine of the skin. Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream is another promising  product for solving skin issues related to winter and dryness.

Venusia Max intensive moisturizing cream and Venusia Squalene, Aloevera and Vitamin E Acetate Cream promises protection for a long time and can be used as frequently as one wishes throughout the body during winter.

Choose the right product and make sure your use them regularly until the season ends.

No sun screen?? Don’t make a mistake

If you thought sun screens are only for the summer, then you have got it completely wrong. The temperature outside has nothing to do with the intensity of the sun’s UV rays. A good sun screen is a must have when you step out of covered areas.

winter skin care

Sebamed Sun Spray comes with an SPF level of 30 and gives 98% protection against UVA radiations.  Enriched with Vitamin E, it fights all symptoms of anti ageing and gives ample protection throughout the day.

La Shield Lite is an anti-tanning sunscreen gel with SPF level of 30. Along with protection against UVA and UVB rays, it also prevents tanning, thereby reducing the chances of darkening of skin.

winter skin care

Strea UVE Block fights extreme cases of sun burns with an SPF level of 50+. It contains active substances which gives a cellular protection to the skin with ample amount of hydration.

Chapped lips

winter care

Lips are very delicate and probably get affected first on the onset of winter. Lips can go dry and have cuts and sometimes bleed because of the dryness. You can try applying butter/ghee/oil to the lips and let it soak in overnight. During the day, carry a lip balm/petroleum jelly keep reapplying every few hours. These balms or gels can help retain moisture and keeps the lips soft and supple.

Our skin keeps telling us what it needs every day. We just fail to listen.  Roughness in skin, white marks when you run your nails gently across the skin, discolored patches in few areas, itchiness are all common effects of extensive dryness. Listen to your skin!

Winter is a really nice time to snuggle into warm cloths, enjoy hot food and wait for the New Year to bring on newer experiences. Do not let little things bother you. Cover your self up if you need to go out in the cold and wear proper insulators to keep the body warm. Give time for basic skin care regimes and enjoy the coldness!

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