Why Should You Worry About Your Eyes This Holi?

Holi is just around the corner and for sure most of you might have your plans ready. The riot of colors not just excites the smaller kids but Holi is one such festival that is loved and played by people of all age groups – right from the kids, teenagers, adults to the elderly, all of them enjoy the festival with much fervor. But the most worrying part of the festival is that people who are allergic to colors cannot enjoy. The Holi colors contain lots of chemicals and metals and these can cause skin allergies, respiratory problem and a host of other infections. If left unchecked, it can lead to blindness as well.

So how do we protect our eyes during Holi? Today in this article we will be explaining about a few natural ways to protect the eyes during Holi. However, these days there are a lot of organic and natural colors that are available in the market. Compared to the chemical-containing Holi colors, organic Holi colors are much safer. Here is a list of a few effective ways that will help in preventing your eyes during Holi. Take a look.

1. Coconut Oil: Take a bit of coconut oil and then apply it on the face, especially around the eyes. This helps in removing the colour easily without affecting the eyes.

Coconut Oil for Holi Colors
2. Cover Your Eyes: When someone is applying colors on your face make sure to cover your eyes properly so that the colour does not enter the eyes.
Eye Care during Holi
3. Washing Tips: If by chance the color enters the eyes, you need to rinse it off properly using lukewarm water. If there is pain that continues for long then it is better to visit a doctor. Eye Drops too could be used to cleanse off color particles.
4. Avoid Touching Your Eyes Frequently: If you have a habit of touching your eyes frequently, then you must stop doing this while playing Holi. The dust and the color will enter the eyes and then cause irritation in the eyes. If left unchecked it might lead to loss of vision.
5. Use Sunglasses: Yet another best way to protect the eyes during Holi is to use sunglasses or plain glasses. It helps in preventing the powder and colored water from entering the eyes

6. Lenses: It is always advised to remove one’s lenses before playing Holi as this will later on cause eye infections.

7. Rose Water: Rose water has antibacterial properties. This helps in preventing eye irritation and helps to remove the colour from the eyes.

Rose Water
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