We bring a reason for all the Chocoholics to indulge into a drool-y guilt free pleasure!!

Benefits of Chocolate:
1. Blood Pressure: Flavanols present in cocoa helps in reducing BP.
2. Cholesterol: Cocoa consumption is associated with improved cholesterol profiles.
3. Blood Sugar: The pure dark chocolate is helpful in improving and balancing the blood sugar levels.
4. Cancer Fighter: Studies have proven chocolate to be one of the best cancer-fighting foods along with foods like red wine, blueberries, garlic and tea.
5. Blood Flow: It improves the flow of blood to the key regions of the brain and thus helps in decreasing tiredness, ageing effects and sleepiness.
6. Longer life-less disease: Studies reveal that those who consume large amounts of chocolate live longer and have lower overall disease rates than those who ate little or no chocolate.
7. Anti-depressant: The chocolates are best in giving boost to dull moods.
8. Flawless Skin: It nourishes dry skin, wipes wrinkles out, promotes skin cell renewal process plus heals irritated skin.

And we give you 8 reasons to munch on!!

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