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The benefits of vitamin C are something that can not be hidden, it is already an established fact that Vitamin C is one of the best-known vitamins for improving immunity but very few know that the wonder vitamin is also equally legendary for the skin. Uneven skin tone, acne scars, fine lines, general dullness are some of the skin problems for which Vitamin C treatments are recommended by dermatologists all around the world. Take a deeper dive into the multi-faceted benefits that Vitamin C provides for your skin by reading through this intriguing article.

Vitamin is a very powerful antioxidant that can easily neutralize free radicles, it naturally aids the regeneration process of the damaged cells. Exposure to UV rays and the daily pollution increase the free radicles in our skin, by neutralizing these free radicles, we can reap multi-fold benefits like anti-ageing and get glowing skin too.

It is quite interesting how Vitamin C works. Vitamin C is highly acidic, when it is applied to the skin, it triggers the production of elastin and collagen which are the basic building blocks of skin.

 This process is like a deep cleanse for the skin which results in softer, lighter, and healthier-looking skin.

Some of the benefits which can be reaped by incorporating Vitamin C in your life are:

Acne and Pimple free skin

Vitamin C improves the immune response which directly helps in killing the bacteria which causes Acne, Vitamin C also strengthens the blood capillaries and nerves which improves the blood flow which helps to clear out the bacteria and dead cells. It is the penultimate solution for acne treatment.


The wonder vitamin also inhibits the production of melanin, melanin is the pigment responsible for the dark spots. The production of melanin is triggered by exposure to the Sun’s UV rays. Vitamin C acts as a super brightening agent that fades the brown spots without altering the normal skin pigmentation levels thus allowing a normal and consistent skin tone.

Now that we know the benefits of Vitamin C the next question which may come to your mind is

How can one add Vitamin C to their daily-hectic life?

The best way to incorporate vitamin C in your life is to have a diet rich in Vitamin C. You should eat a diet rich in fruits like Guava, Kiwi, Strawberries, Oranges, and Papaya. Along with this, you can even have oral or topical Vitamin Supplements. Oral supplements are quite an effective way to start but take a lot of time to show their effects on the skin, they enrich the overall health. If these oral supplements are complemented with topical supplements like serum you can achieve extremely quick results.

Oral Supplements 

Oral vitamin C supplements are an effective way to take vitamin C, they increase the overall health of the body including the cardiovascular system, prenatal health, eye problems and also increase the overall immunity of the body. Though oral Vitamin C tablets are effective in improving the skin quality, it is seen that these supplements often need to be taken for a long time as they give a wholistic healing benefit to the human body, In the next paragraph I will be telling you about the Vitamin C Serums which can be applied directly on the skin to achieve fast results

Topical Supplements/Vitamin C Serums

Apart from quick results, there are many benefits of Vitamin C serums over oral supplements, first Vitamin C serum is safe for most skin types, it shows brightening effect in 1-2 weeks of application, it helps reduce inflammation and Vitamin C also promotes instant collagen production. The best way to apply Vitamin C serum is by applying at night after washing the face with a mild face wash or cleanser.

Using these supplements in combination with a healthy diet and plentiful hydration can give you a young, fair and smooth skin. Consult your health practitioner or you can even contact us for any help regarding skincare.

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