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Comprezon Varicose Vein Stockings

Varicose veins are dilated or enlarged veins near the surface of the skin. The veins look twisted, swollen and become blue in color under the skin. They usually occur with pregnancy or with people who stand for long hours in a day. It is also linked with being overweight and run in the family as a heredity issue. Legs are the most common part of the body that are affected by varicose veins, but it can occur in other parts of human body too.

It is not usually a big threat, but severe varicose veins may lead to other health complications and they may rupture causing ulcers that need to be treated. Varicose veins point to faulty or damaged valves in veins and it is necessary to consult a physician for further treatment. In few cases, varicose vein may point to deeper serious issues like deep vein thrombosis, which is the formation of blood clot in a deep vein. This is a serious issue and must be attended to at the earliest.

Comprezon Varicose Vein Stockings

Symptoms range from heaviness and tiredness of legs , swelling, itching around the skin to severe inflammation, scaling of skin, dryness and color changes in the skin around the enlarged vein.

What causes Varicose veins?

In human body, blood flows through two major channels, the arteries and the veins. Arteries carry blood from the heart to all major organs and tissues and veins carry the blood back to the heart from these organs and tissues. Veins allow blood to flow only one way i.e. towards the heart. Sometimes, the walls of the veins become loose and stretched, leading to backwards flow of blood. This blood gets accumulated in the veins causing vein enlargement leading to a condition called varicose veins.

Comprezon Varicose Vein Stockings

What is the treatment for Varicose Veins?

Compression stockings are an effective remedy to varicose veins. They are stockings that are pulled up all the way from the ankles to higher up the legs. They are very tight near the ankles and loosen up as they go higher. It improves blood circulation and makes sure that blood flows upward towards the heart, preventing blood accumulation. They are also effective against discomfort and pain caused due to varicose veins.

Comprezon Varicose Vein Stockings

Doctors suggest wearing them for the whole day until you go to sleep. They are proven saviors for people who suffer from varicose veins.

Check out Comprezon Varicose Vein Stockings, a popular brand that comes in different sizes and lengths.

  • Increases the speed of blood flow in the capillaries.
  • Prevents or slows down the progress of venous disorder.
  • Decreases the pressure in the veins.

Based on your requirement, Comprezon varicose vein stocking comes in various sizes i.e small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large with mid thigh lengths , below the knee or those that run till the groin.

varicose vein

How to use Varicose Vein Stockings?

It is important to wear the stockings the right way to get maximum benefit. It should be pulled up so that all parts of the leg get enough compression from the product.

It might be a little uncomfortable in the beginning especially during hot summers. If you do not think the stocking is providing the required amount of compression, consult your doctor to try and get the right size.

If untreated, varicose veins can cause real discomfort and pain. So treat them early.

For extreme cases of varicose veins, doctors may suggest surgery to remove the varicose. It is usually a one day procedure and done with general anesthesia. Laser treatments are also an option where strong bursts of light are applied to remove varicose.

Varicose veins are very easily treatable conditions and are harmless most times. Do not panic and consult your physician if you experience any of the symptoms related to varicose veins. It is very easy to treat the condition if caught early!

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