Vaccination anxiety

A lot of videos have gone viral recently showing a person screaming hysterically at the sight of the needle about to be plugged into a person’s arm. A lot of us laughed because we all said to ourselves, “What a baby!”
Granted it was funny to watch. But we all obviously know, some of us have a fear of needles. Some of us haven’t come to terms with a vaccine that was developed in what looked like, just about a year, and some of us are just being lazy. Creating excuses for which there should be none. Other excuses extend all the way to probably getting the virus while getting vaccinated because so many people would be around.
Another issue coming up over the last few weeks has been fully vaccinated individuals contracting the virus and being carriers as well. These are facts. Viruses evolve faster that we can create certain antidotes.
Now that we have looked at the problem enough, lets look at how it is affecting our daily lives.
For starters, we will not be cleared to enter certain buildings, offices and maybe the cinemas. Places that a lot of us have just been thinking about going back to because we have been too scared to.
Travelling is certainly out because if you aren’t fully vaccinated, you would have to go through institutional quarantine. Repeat all the domestic issues but in a place, you intended to holiday or work at.
Let’s imagine a little story. We did not get vaccinated. We went to meet a friend who is fully
vaccinated but is also a carrier at this point. We contract the virus and are in deep trouble. Should we blame the friend or ourselves for being foolhardy? Either case would be unfair at this point. What we can do is take the best possible precautions for ourselves.
Double mask, carry your trusted Viroshield and Dettol Instant Disinfectant Hand Sanitizer everywhere and preferably use a face shield as well if you are going to be in very close proximity to people. Make sure you don’t dilly-dally about without your second vaccination shot.
We also hope that most of us still remember to wash our reusable masks on a regular basis and nobody is wearing an old and grimy mask.

If everyone is vaccinated, it is certain that the virus will not be able to affect us with the same ferocity as it did before.
When it comes to the subject of anxiety with regards to the vaccination, we must ask ourselves why we are in this repeated mess. It’s because fear has taken over our higher senses and we aren’t making the best decisions. Soon enough, there would be vaccines available to give to children. Almost like the vaccines are addressing the virus and the excuses.
Institutions like ours have made it a point to get nearly all our employees fully vaccinated and hence if they just have to be around, they are fully safe to be around each other.
Whether its work pressure or the will to be good for yourself and everyone around you, overcome the anxiety and get the shot.

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