Unknown Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Summer is almost here and temperature is rising day by day. As it gets really hot, people opt for cold beverages to remove dehydration.

This time do yourself a favor, avoiding all the flashy and artificial Cold drinks. Instead switch for a very cool and great natural stuff from Mother Nature as Coconut Water.

unknown benefits of Coconut Water

Everyone loves the taste of Coconut Water and it is favorite for many people too.

Coconut water can be easily available all over the Country with very affordable prices too.

Coconut water has very less sugar content as compared to any other beverage.

Hawaiians refer to coconut water as “Noelani”, which means ‘Dews from the heavens’. The name is indeed justified.

Australian and Indian researches told Coconut was available from 5 crores years ago itself.

In fact in Indian Traditions, Coconut is used for various religious reasons from a very long time.

And there are no side effects registered till date.

Even if these above reasons are not enough for you, let us tell you some of the Unknown health benefits of Coconut Water:

1. Makes Bones Stronger:

unknown benefits of Coconut Water 2

Coconut water is very rich in calcium which helps to grow bones, muscles and tissues. Bones are made of calcium, so consume coconut water regularly for making your bones stronger.

2. Removes Kidney Stones:

unknown benefits of Coconut Water 3

Coconut Water has Potassium, helping in dissolving kidney stones. Regular consumption of coconut water helps in avoiding stones and cleaning our kidney.

3. Helps in Digestion:

unknown benefits of Coconut Water 4

Coconut water has bio-active enzymes like catalase, folic acid, peroxidase, phosphatase, dehydrogenase, RNA polymerases and diastase and so on. These enzymes helps in easy digestion in our body. Coconut water have some more minerals like calcium, manganese and zinc which are required in a human body.

4. Great source of Anti-Aging:

unknown benefits of Coconut Water 5

Lauric acid and cytokines are two elements found in coconut water. These 2 element play a very important role in cell generation and repair.

So coconut water has anti-thrombotic, anti-carcinogenic and anti-aging properties. To look younger, one must consume coconut water regularly for skin healthy, fresh and glowing.

It balances PH level to keep the connecting tissue strong and hydrated.

5. Coconut Water as a Heart Saver:

unknown benefits of Coconut Water 6

Coconut water contain large amount of magnesium and potassium. Therefore it is helpful for people with Blood Pressure.

Drinking Coconut water regularly reduces chances of heart stroke or heart attack.

It also helps to increase good cholesterol which helps maintaining good cardiovascular health.

6. It helps in controlling Diabetes:

unknown benefits of Coconut Water 7

Coconut water on being consumed regularly has the property of improving blood circulation in body. It widens the blood vessel and helps the blood to flow smoothly through them. It also helps in fighting atherosclerosis.

7. It helps in Hair Growth:

unknown benefits of Coconut Water 8

Coconut water is antibacterial, anti-fungal which protects scalp against dandruff, lice and itchy scalp, all of which help in hair growth.

It helps to reduce hair loss by improving blood circulation in scalp. Increases the hair follicles and increases the density of hair.


So I hope these much reasons might be enough for you to add Coconut Water as a regular beverage in your day to day life.

The best part is, it tastes Great.

What more do you need.

Janani Balasubramanian is a Senior Blogger at ClickOnCare.com with a passion and flare to write. She loves experimenting on topics ranging from health to beauty tips and general lifestyle and will review newer beauty and healthcare products in the market! Do keep in touch with her new work here!

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