Unknown Benefits of Lemon!

Unknown lemon Benefits 1

Lemon may look small, but it is one of the most important product of our daily life.

You might have heard a statement saying “Big things come in small packages.” Well, lemon totally justifies this statement.One always knew that lemon was good for health. But, you will be surprised after reading its benefits and that too, so many of them. This fresh food from Mother Nature has no side effects too.

Benefits of lemon that everyone might Know

  1. It improves Digestion.
  2. It is used in Hindu Pujas.
  3. It is always a part of tona and totka 😛 .Unknown lemon Benefits 2
  4. Lime water and its flavor tastes good.Unknown lemon Benefits 3
  5. It energizes the body in summer.

Reasons to increase lemon content in your daily routine:

1. Improves your Skin

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Lemon contains Vitamin C, which is not only good for health but also very good for your skin. It is the major reason why many skin products always contain lemon as their ingredient.  It neutralizes free radicals and increases renewal of cells.

Vitamin C is a key component for collagen and elastin, which is helpful for youthful skin.

Try applying lemon on your face for a week and see the changes yourself. Dirt and dead cells will be removed and a fresh layer of skin from underneath will be generated.

It helps to get rid of dandruff and keeps scalp healthy. It also cures acne.

2. Helps in Oral Care

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Lemons can help in lots of oral problems in a natural manner. It can help you get rid of bad breadth.

If your gums bleed frequently then you should apply lemon to effective area and to get some relief. It also whitens the teeth naturally and is much cheaper compared to cosmetic products which are expensive.

3. Helps in weight loss

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If you are dieting, then lemon could be your best friend.

Lemon contains Pectin which a soluble fiber and helps you to eat less. It also decreases the rate of glucose consumption of a body, which prevents diabetes.

It also helps in flushing the extra water weight in form of urine.

This is a natural way to losing weight. You can also try supplements for weight loss.

4. Get rid of Fever, flu and pain:

Unknown health benefits 7

It increases the rate of precipitation which helps in breaking fever and chills. Vitamin C and flavonoids are very effective against infection.

Lemon oil relaxes blood vessels and reduces inflammation which helps to get relief.

5. Treat High Blood Pressure

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Previously we covered few myths about Blood Pressure. Lemon contains Pectin, flavonoids and potassium which helps in prevention of high blood pressure.

6. Refreshes Body system

Lemons contains antioxidants hence increases liver and kidney functions. In turn detoxifying our body.

Lemon makes intestine alkaline to neutralize acidic. Therefore killing all the parasites from the body. Moreover It helps to kill bacteria.

7. Maintains Body pH level

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Human body requires a balanced pH level which is mostly disturbed due to junk food, pollution, lack of exercise etc.

It is important to keep the body alkaline, to prevent sickness and other chronic disease like cancer. Lemons is the most alkaline food available around.

So indeed this small packed lemon has lots of benefit. It should definitely be added to our daily life.

Take our suggestion and start drinking a glass of water with lemon and honey as first thing in the morning.

Stay fresh and healthy. 🙂


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