Truth and Facts About Sunscreens: Everything you Need to Know!

A lot of people talk about the things you should “not do” so that you don’t fall ill. But people rarely talk about the measures you “should and must” take so that you stay healthy. A lot of health measures are taken too lightly, today we are here to talk about one such measure.

Ever heard the phrase “ Good but not so good”? The first thing that comes to my mind while reading this phase is “SUN”.

Sunlight is very essential to the body, it produces Vitamin D and also helps to maintain a Cardiac Rhythm. But there are two sides to everything. On the other side, Sun causes skin damage both short term and long term, sunburn and even skin cancer, if the “Right Measures” are not taken.

Every lock comes with a key. Every problem comes with a solution.

First things first, What is sunscreen?

In simple words, Sunscreen is a product which comes in the form of lotion, gel, foam and spray which protects the skin from the violent Ultraviolet radiation.

Sunscreens are classified into two types

a) Physical Sunscreen:

-Contains active mineral ingredients titanium dioxide/ zinc oxide.

-Works from the top of the skin to turn aside the harmful UV rays away from the skin.

b) Chemical Sunscreen:

-Chemical Sunscreen/Organic Sunscreen contains chemicals components that soak up UV rays. They include formulas like oxybenzone, octinoxate, octisalate and avobenzone.

-Changes UV rays into heat, which is then released from the skin and dispelled.

Why should one use Sunscreen?

“Prevention is better than cure”

Let’s keep it straight to the point and simple, We look up to the sky in the rainy season and take an Umbrella with us even if it’s not raining. In the same way – Sunscreen has to be used every day, in every season

-It Defends skin from ultraviolet rays

-Using Sunscreen with SPF of 30 or more can block 97% of the UV rays

– It prevents Pre-mature ageing, Development of Wrinkles and Dark spots

– Prevents Skin Cancer.

– Helps in maintaining evenly toned skin.

How to use a Sunscreen?

A lot of us complain that a product is not working, but what we don’t understand is somewhere we fail to use the product in the right way and it fails to deliver results.

Firstly choose a Sunscreen which suits your skin type, there are different sunscreens for different skin textures, like dry skin, oily skin and there is also a mixed sunscreen which goes along with both the skin textures.

-Choose a Sunscreen which is water resistance and has SPF more than 30.

– Apply the suitable sunscreen before 15 minutes you step outdoor, as it takes 15 minutes for your skin to absorb it.

-Rub enough sunscreen evenly to cover all the exposed skin.

-Apply for every 1.5 hours.

Choose the best suitable sunscreen for you from the vast range of ClickOnCare, The Online Skin, Hair and Nutrition Store.

  1. Solasafe SPF 50+ Silicone Sunscreen: a skin brightening and age-defying antioxidant complex

Benefits Of Solasafe Silicone Sunscreen :

  • It Prevents from Sun Damages & Premature Ageing
  • It controls photo-protection from UVA & UVB
  • It has a super silky texture, matte finish, ideal to use under makeup
  • It decreases deep wrinkles
  • It is sweat and water-resistant

2. Rivela Gel SPF 30 Dry-Touch Sunscreen: a water-resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreen with Argan Oil for Moisturising & Revitalising the skin.

Benefits Of Rivela Gel Dry Touch SPF30 – PA+++ Sunscreen :

  • Superior Broad Spectrum Sun Protection against UVA (Skin Aging) and UVB (Burning) rays
  • Moisturizes the skin with non-greasiness
  • Reduces sebum secretion
  • Contains Anti-ageing properties
  • Water-Resistant
  • Preservative-free

Few Misconception about Sunscreen 

-Using sunscreen isn’t necessary on a cloudy or windy day.

-People having dark skin shouldn’t use sunscreen.

-Using makeup which doesn’t have SPF is enough to protect as it covers the face.

-A single application of the sunscreen lasts for a day.

-Application of Sunscreen can cause health problems.

-It prevents absorption of Vitamin D which is required for the body.

-Use of sunscreen completely prevents tanning of the body.

Take Care; Live, Laugh and Wear Sunscreen!


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