A True Immunity Fortifier

Immunity is ironically turning out to be a bit of a dirty word. We hear it practically everywhere and it has been rundown, but have we truly understood the concept at all.
Have any of us taken a moment during a stint of the flu or a little fever to stop and think if the ailment has been repetitive, do we see some signs of poor immunity or strong immunity in our parents and siblings that may differ in us.
All of us has that one friend who is just at ease eating street food and not flinching one bit and at the same time we all have that one friend who cannot handle the surprise chill in the air on a warm day.
This is the result of a number of factors together.
It could be that the person in question has very good genes and their immune system is naturally robust. Taking advantage of this robust system, they have focused on other aspects of their lives and are generally happier as a result. The positive cycle in their lives is to be appreciated.
On the other side, due to weak genes, or a family history of poor immunity, the perpetual problem of some ailment or the other exists and it becomes a significant and time/money consuming aspect of someone’s life. They have to spend a considerable amount of time tending to a cold or an allergy. The spending could be the age-old remedy of an antihistamine. Having allergies does not necessarily mean that one has a weak immune system but the time that we spend being non-operational is always significant.
We Humans (vertebrates) have an adaptive immune system. So, once our body deals with something like Chickenpox, the immunity tends to stay for life.
Others are not so lucky in this regard.
The very recently launched Viroshield Mouth Spray comes in a very compact and convenient package and seeks to keep us protected from most airborne pathogens. Most of us remember breath fresheners that we could spray on a few pumps directly into the mouth and we would be ready for a good day. In a very similar manner, just 2 pumps of Viroshield Mouth Spray at a time significantly reduces chances of being affected by COVID19 as well. I can safely repeat the claims as the product is clinically tested.
The spray forms a protective layer and either blocks or fully prevents viruses from getting absorbed into our system.
The spray is only meant to be sprayed on in the throat and not in the nasal passage. Hence, one should not rely on the spray completely. Wearing a face mask in the proper manner, keeping hands clean and maintaining social distancing is still part of standard operating procedure for everyone.
Once should not exceed 6 complete sprays a day and not use it consecutively for more than 30 days.
Remember, this is a preventative measure and not the only way to beat Coronavirus.
#SprayOn and #StayStrong .

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