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I am sure you all will agree with me that Baby care is the most challenging and demanding responsibilities of any parent. Love that baby’s fragrance, right, but one shouldn’t everything and anything on a baby’s skin. Perfumes, Paraben, Petroleum by products. These are the last things you’d knowingly rub into your little one’s delicate skin. Yet, sadly, ingredients like these are commonly found in many conventional babies’ toiletries. Almost 89% of the parents are mostly worried about the harmful chemicals present in the products available in the market. It’s our instinct to nourish and protect our babies; there is nothing more scrumptious or delicate than their baby-soft newborn skin. Did you know it’s around three times thinner than our own skin? This means that any substances that manage to penetrate the skin will be far more concentrated in their tiny bodies – increasing the risk of toxicity.

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It’s important to keep Baby’s skin moisturized, so always have a supply of lotions around. Ointments, which have a thicker consistency, are even better at keeping your little one’s skin soft. Contrary to popular belief, baby powders aren’t a necessary step if you allow a little time for Baby to air-dry. If you want to use them anyway, lightly sprinkle a small amount of powder on Baby’s bottom. Avoid perfumed, antibacterial, and deodorant soaps — they might be too harsh until your child is a toddler. 

Basics that must be followed carefully for baby care and protection

  • Cleanser: Soap-free liquids are a good choice

  • Shampoo: Tear-less is best
  • Diaper cream: Use petroleum jelly or a zinc oxide cream

  • Wipes: Go alcohol-free or skip them altogether. Wipes can sometimes irritate a baby’s skin. The safest option is water and a washcloth.

  • Moisturizer:Petroleum jelly is the gold standard, It’s greasy but cheap and effective, especially against skin problems like eczema. Otherwise, choose creams or ointments over lotions.


  • Laundry detergent:The kinds made for babies are fine but not necessary for most kids. But try to go fragrance-free. Liquid rinses out better than flakes.


Daily Routine for healthy skin for babies

Change Diapers Often

  • Most diaper rash happens when babies sit in dirty diapers for too long. When babies eat, they poop soon after. Stay on the lookout after you feed, and change them right away.
  • To prevent chafing, use diaper cream at every change. Apply like a thick layer of icing on cake.
  • For rash-prone babies, disposable diapers may be better than cloth ones since they keep skin drier.
  • And use wipes only when there’s poop involved. Even with gentle wipes, the preservatives irritate skin.


A moisturizer may not be necessary for babies with normal skin, though most experts still recommend using it every day. Opt for one without fragrances or dyes.

Shield Skin from Spit

When babies teethe and eat, they drool. And saliva has enzymes that can irritate their skin. The problem gets worse when skin gets wet and dry over and over. So before you feed your baby, try coating his face with petroleum jelly. Wipe it off with a soft cotton washcloth when mealtime is over and reapply moisturizer.

Block the Sun

Early exposure to the sun’s UV rays puts kids at risk of skin cancer later in life – especially infants, whose brand-new skin has less of the pigment that protects it from the sun.

  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Dress your baby in long sleeves and pants in tight weaves.  Use a wide-brimmed hat that covers your baby’s face and neck
  • Apply sunscreen with zinc oxide

Dress with Care


Wool, including cashmere, can be irritating. Soft cottons are the way to go. Be sure to wash anything that will touch your baby’s skin before she wears it.

So, I am going to suggest you a cream that will perfectly take care of your little one’s skin to utmost level, that is, EMOCIP CREAM.

You can apply Emocip cream for upto 3-4 times in a day depending upon the weather and humidity. Applying the same once before bedtime also helps. This regimen keeps your baby’s skin well moisturized.

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