Beat summer with these cool skin care tips!

10 tips for summer skin care

It has been a long break and I am back with a perfect blog for you. We are struggling through hot summer and there is someone who is suffering more than you this season. Your skin! There are a lot of summer specific skin problems most of us face during these few months. Blemishes, sun burn, dullness, dehydration, wrinkles, premature aging due to UV rays and in extreme cases, even skin cancer.

Keeping your skin healthy and glowing even in the peak of summer is an art and I have listed down few points that will help you stay cool until we see those first droplets of rain!

Water and other fluids

10 tips for summer skin care

Drinking ample amount of water a day is going to solve most of your problems in summer.

Water hydrates your body, locks in the required amount of moisture and keeps you refreshed and glowing. You can substitute water with freshly squeezed juices, tender coconut, fresh lime etc.

Exfoliate religiously

10 tips for summer skin care

Exfoliation is gentle scrubbing of skin to remove impurities, dead cells and helping easier hydration. Exfoliating early in the morning gives better results.

Toner for a clear skin

Exfoliation opens skin pores. It is important to use a toner for keeping the clean pores closed. Rose water is a natural toner and keeps the skin fresh and hydrated.

10 tips for summer skin care

A clean face is a healthy face

Wash your face at least thrice a day with a gentle cleanser. Make sure you carry a small face wash/cleanser all the times. It will not only help prevent clogging of impurities, but also leave you refreshed. Try out from different brands of face washes online.

‘If in doubt, apply more’

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Sun screen

Never step out of your house without a sunscreen. Most skin specialists suggest generous application of sun screen at least twice a day to effectively fight UV radiations. The more the initial application is, the better will be its protection. For this reason it is important to use a sunscreen that doesn’t leave behind oily residue on application. SPF levels refer to how effectively the cream protects the skin from harmful radiations and make sure you buy the right levels.

summer tips for skin care

Did you know that there are 50% chances of preventing skin cancer (Melanoma) when sunscreen is applied on a regular basis? Apart from melanoma, skin care experts say that sunscreens are the best anti aging creams and help prevent sagging of skin, sunburns, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation and help age gracefully.


1. La shield sunscreen gel with SPF 40 protects against UVA and UVB radiations and is oil free and water resistant.

2. Strea UVE comes in 2 levels of SPF and provides ample protection to skin against UV radiation and also keeps the skin hydrated and soft.

Stay protected

Wear wide hats, sun shades for eyes and loose, cotton clothes whenever you step out. Very tight clothes can cause skin rashes and other skin infections. It is always preferable to stay put in one place between 1 PM and 4 PM when the effect of sun is maximum.

Keep skin hydrated

Use ample moisturizers and cooling gels to soothe your skin regularly. Sun burns, if severe can cause irreversible damage to skin. Compare a wide range of face creams and moisturizers from

Eat healthy food

Deep fried oily food is bad for the skin at any season. Eat a balanced diet and include a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables and greens in your diet.

mixed fruits

Go Natural

Try out homemade masks and packs for removing that unwanted tan. Papaya is an excellent ingredient to add that extra glow to dull skin. Green gram powder with yogurt and a teaspoon of honey works wonders in preventing uneven skin tone. Lemon also works in removing tan.

summer skin care tips

Last, but not the least

Keep calm! Too much stress combined with the high levels of heat can play havoc to your health. Stay planned, be cool and keep in mind that when summer comes, winter is not far off!

summer skin care tips


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