Skincare Tips for Dry skin



Having dry skin and trying to take care of it is nothing less than a roller coaster ride. But the real question is, are you having dry skin or is your skin just dehydrated? Here is how you can find if you have dry skin and tips on how to take care of it.


Dehydrated skin is caused due to lack of moisture in the skin whereas, dry skin is not caused but is a skin type itself that has a lot of factors affecting it right from genes to environmental conditions that a person is living in. Dehydrated skin needs different care when compared to dry skin as one of them is a skin condition and the other is a skin type.


 The most common way to find it out is by observing how you feel after applying the moisturizer. If your skin feels tight and uncomfortable even after moisturizing and you find an oily complexion, congestion, and redness it means you are dehydrated but, If your skin feels flaky, rough and has small fine wrinkles and you find no oil production or oiliness in any given time then it means you have dry skin type. 


Coming to the skincare tips for the Dry Skin 


1.     Use gentle and fragrance-free products: The products containing artificial fragrances and scents often disturb the natural pH level of the skin, research has proven that added fragrances are the reason for skin sensitizing. It is advised to use fragrance-free products as you don’t want to damage your dry skin as it is fragile in the first place. Cetaphil Gentle skin cleanser is one such product that has no added fragrances and doesn’t foam which is another good tip, opting for a non-foaming cleanser and baths.  


2.     Look after your shaving habits: Shaving with dry skin is quite tricky as you are not just shaving the unwanted hair off, you are also scraping away the natural oils and such from your skin. So, it is advised to be smart while you are shaving and schedule the shaves when your skin is most hydrated. As in shaving right after a shower as the skin and the hair is softer and easy to remove. 


3.     Creams and Oils over Lotions: The main difference between cream and lotion is how the consistency and what they work on. Creams are usually a mixture of water and oil but they are either in a 50:50 ratio or in a thicker side of the consistency. But when it comes to the lotions it has more water content in it making it less recommendable for dry skin. As creams provide a much better barrier for the moisture in the skin to go out. Accoje provides a good range of creams for dry skin the anti-aging creams and the hydrating gel collection are just perfect. And when it comes to the oils, they provide the skin with the natural oils the skin is missing or lacking. So, Creams and Oils over Lotions.  


4.     Avoid hot environments/surroundings: Though it is important to stay in humid and warm places for dry skin. It is equally important to stay away from direct heat and high temperatures as it evaporates more and more natural oils and moisture from the skin.  


And that’s how you can say goodbye to your flaky skin and yes to your perfectly moisturized skin.




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