What we singles did this Valentine’s Day

Singles on Valentines

Valentine’s Day is gone and so is the love of millions, celebrating their love through gifts worth trillions.

They say, they enjoyed their day with full enthusiasm and passion. Some even say that, they had the best time of their life. So, who are we to question their celebration?

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We believe all the couples and love birds enjoyed their day. What about Us! The poor and desperate singles? Be it a guy or a girl. Did we enjoy? Did we have any fun? Was this day even happening for Us?

Valentine day memes

The Answer is Yes and a big Yes. As a fact, we are mopey and call ourselves Anti-Valentine. Still we say that we enjoyed ourselves.

Go on reading to know about various hypothetical cases where we participated in Valentine’s Day in some way or the other.

We Singles make sure we are involved somewhere:

Case 1: We join Anti-Valentine Political Parties

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Since we all know, Valentine’s Day is the most hectic working day for all Anti-Valentine Parties and there volunteers.

Volunteers can exempt any working day but they cannot skip Valentine’s Day. They have so much work, including all catching, morchas, breakages etc. Whole day is busy and packed.

So even if, not being a part of any organization, not even knowing their leaders name, we join them and their motto. The psychology at this point is, if we are not enjoying and getting any valentine, we will make sure, no one can enjoy this day. 😀

The best part of the day is, when we go to garden and find couples behind the bushes, we scare the hell out of them, so that they will think once, twice, thrice and so on to celebrate any valentine’s day in their entire life. 😀

Oh man! So fun. 😛

Case 2: We Spend Time with Our Pets

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Generally we do care about our pets. But on Valentine’s Day, it’s more like the pet was bought in this world to take our sorrows. We cuddle them, we feed them, love them more.

Being single, we cannot care or share our feelings with any other guys or friends. It will be like, crying and not being a dude or something. We certainly cannot talk to parents about being single.

I mean, that will be insane 😛 .

In such situations, the only option we are left with is to talk and share our feelings with a speechless creature. Who we think, understands us and is our best friend for the day.

The fun part is, Personally even if I don’t have a pet. I go to a friend’s place, to spend time with his pet.

Case 3: We Gossip with Friends

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The best and the most decent option, a single can have is gossiping and chit chatting with friends.

All the creepy imagination and fun starts rolling out. That time, when friend’s make fun of us, with a girl we didn’t want (or desired) in our common circle. Intense discussions goes about the most charming and wanted girls. How good they look? What is their Status?

Everyone imagining themselves with that hot girl and thinking about next valentine. Laughing on each other, on how desperate, the other one is.

Also building strategy, how to get that girl. What she demands and what are her options. Moreover, the analysis mostly focuses on the girls who are in the same league as we are.


Case 4: We Par-tay

Valentines day Singles Party

Yes we par-te. Part-te real hard.

Be it in form of stag entry at any pub or be it a movie.

We don’t have a date. So what! We will enter as stags and will pay little more. We have money, we save it. We don’t waste it over other people. Who knows, we could get lucky. Party can include any type of fun activity. Like Movie, Series, Games, Cooking, Eating etc.

So this is a Single’s prospective on Valentine’s Day. Maybe u can have others too.

But still, remember one thing and i.e. We Rock  \m/. These days, Valentine is such a hype. We don’t care or may be we can’t afford to care. We have our fun as usual.

Remember “Valentine’s Day is for couples. All singles can enjoy themselves for rest of 364 days of the year.”

We are free any day and not binded by any one. So have fun and stay healthy.

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