“Where our feet stop, we stop” is quite a common saying which we do not realize in our daily life. Feet are one of the most important parts of our body. Foot-care routine is as important as a skincare or hair care routine, as these are the main tools that go through the most extreme situations in our day-today life but still, foot care is neglected by most of us.

People who are diabetic are required to take even more care of their feet as nerves get damaged due to uncontrolled glucose levels. Obese people are at equally high risk because their feet take a higher amount of load on the heel pad as compared to a normal person, which leads to cracks in the foot area. If cracked feet are not treated it can lead to even more complications like profuse bleeding and infections like gangrene which can even be fatal.

The Best foot care routine consists of 3 steps, Soaking, Exfoliation, and Moisturization. This will be further explained as you read ahead:


Soaking your feet in hot water can be very beneficial for your heels as the skin around cracked heels is thicker and drier than the rest of the skin. This skin tends to split when pressure is applied to it when we soak it in hot water mixed with a mild soap, the dry skin and debris is removed.



For the next step in your home pedicure, you will require a pumice stone or a loofah. Exfoliation is most effective when done after soaking your feet, mildly scrub your foot with the loofah/pumice stone. Remember to not do it very harshly as this can cause bleeding which can lead to further complications foot fungal infections and gangrene.



This is the most essential part of the home pedicure, it is very important to choose a good moisturizing cream for feet as the skin here is very different from the skin present in the other parts of the body. There are a few important points which you should remember while choosing a moisturizer for the foot. A foot moisturizer should contain a good composition of Glycolic Acid, Urea, Glycerin, and Salicylic acid.

After Soaking, Exfoliation and Moisturization you should wear cotton socks, this will ensure that  your delicate feet don’t get dried up by external friction. You should avoid walking for at least 4-5 hours after your home pedicure. Following a foot care routine can be tough in our hectic life but even if this routine is followed 3 times a week, you can achieve astonishing results and get rid of the foot corns, blackened, and cracked heels.


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  1. Haider Hussain said:

    My friend is getting married soon and I am looking for ways to improve my appearance for her reception. After reading this article, it sounds like a pedicure would be a good choice. It offers exfoliation and relaxation which are both things that I am seeking.

    July 21, 2020

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