Self-Care Tips To Cope-Up With Work From Home Related Stress

The corona outbreak has changed how we work, for many, it has resulted in longer working hours and higher stress levels. Blurring boundaries and longer availability hours have resulted in employees to put in close to 38 hours extra in a month. In a recent survey of 2000 participants conducted by one of the leading survey firms, it was found that more than half of the participants felt more stressed out while working from home, while about one-third of the participants had trouble sleeping. If one does not take care and keeps on abusing their mental health like this, they will likely burnout.

Another problem coming up with the Work from home norms is that the employees are getting more and more isolated by the day. This isolation is inducing depression, day to day human interactions should certainly not be taken for granted. However, these mammoth issues can be tackled if we can take them with a pinch of salt.

Some easy tips to cope up with Work from Home are:

Take Coffee Breaks:
 Just like you took coffee breaks in office and had chit chat sessions with fellow employees, make it a point to take one during your hectic work from home time too. If you are living with someone, talk and laugh with them if you’re living alone you can have video chit-chat sessions with your co-workers or friends.


Discover your High Productivity Time-Periods:
Every individual is different and so is their high yield productivity period. Discover your high yield productivity period and schedule works around it.


Avoid Working in your PJ’s
“Dress for success” isn’t just some corporate jumla, dressing well gets you in the right mindset. Ditch your sweatpants and tees and try to dress up formally as it will help you to be prepared mentally and physically.


Eat Healthy & Be Cautious While Snacking
Being in front of fellow workmates we usually do not munch on those unhealthy crispies, but when we’re alone, we tend to eat a whole bag of them without guilt. Research has shown eating fruits and veggies have a direct impact on productivity, give the bag of chips a toss!


Develop a Reward System
Reward system work wonders, our body itself uses a complex system of rewards for its working. Implementing a reward system will help you get things off the to-do list, even the things which you have been procrastinating or putting off.


Use Video Chat
Video Chat is one of the cornerstones of work from home, make it a point to chat with your fellow workmates especially if you’re staying alone.It really matters as you’re not just a cog in big machinery, you need not always talk about work, connecting with your co-workers on a human to human level is very important as Humanity should not be lost while working from home.

Adopting these Work from Home strategies shall be very beneficial to you as it will result in increased productivity and satisfaction and will give you some time off to relax.

I am a technology enthusiast with a knack for figuring out trends in the market, blogging is something very close to my heart as it helps the extrovert in me, express thoughts to millions. Playing Football and cooking food are a few of my hobbies which help me remain in the best of my health.

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