Self-care, repeat after us – You’re worth it!

Have you ever googled ‘ideas for self-care? Let’s be honest; we all have. The concept of self-care, as easy as it seems, can often become daunting and overwhelming. We all know that we need to indulge ourselves sometimes, but with all the information passed around online, we don’t know where to start.

Most of us will agree working from home is more complicated than we thought it would be. Over the last year, many of us understood the importance of work-life balance. From sitting in front of computers, unlimited zoom calls at the same time worrying about the day-to-day errands at home can leave us exhausted, stressed, often leading to burnout. That’s when the idea of pausing, relaxing, and telling yourself you deserve a break becomes very important.

We don’t realize it, but taking care of ourselves directly impacts our output while working or spending time with family. Feeling exhausted and stressed can affect the quality of the work we produce and our mood. That can’t be good, right? Let’s dig deep and check some of the easiest, inexpensive ways to work on self-care and telling yourself you’re worth it!

Five things for making yourself feel loved! – You Do You

Make Yourself Feel Special

Doesn’t it feel good when someone does something nice for you? But why wait for someone else and not just do it for yourself? Do something special for yourself. It’s as simple as that. Take some time out and indulge in a great facemask from clickoncare. Cook yourself a nice meal, get some popcorn, and watch your favorite movie or prepare yourself a luxurious bath with candles, some wine, and your favorite music. It’s the simple things that you do for yourself that make you feel good.

The key here is to make yourself feel good and that can come from anywhere, buying a face serum, reading a book, or doing absolutely anything. So take some time out and treat yourself right, just the way you want to.


Staying stagnant can often lead to lethargy, tiredness, and a sore body. The best way to feel active and fresh is to move. It doesn’t matter what you do from yoga, a full-fledged HIIT workout, dance, run, or just a walk. All you need to do is move. Exercise not only loosens your muscles but also releases hormones in your body that elevate your mood and make you feel happy.

Exercising is one of the best forms of self-care that’s good for your body, mind, and overall health. Take out fifteen minutes from your schedule and dedicate it to exercising and your progress.

Be Grateful

Sometimes we don’t realize it, but the smallest things bring the greatest joys. It’s not difficult to feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities and work, which often leave us criticizing and cursing things and people around us. Thus, just appreciating small things and being grateful often make us realize how special and loved we are. Take five minutes in the morning or evening when you feel hopeless.

Take a deep breath and think about two to five things that you are grateful for. Let me help you start. I’m thankful for my family that supports me, my friends who stand by me, and chocolate ice cream for comforting me. Your turn now.

Write it down

When working, studying, or just being at home, we can feel a rollercoaster of emotions that we’re not sure others will understand. These emotions, thoughts, and feelings pile up in our heads, and we create a mess in our heads, leading to stress and overthinking. The simple idea here is if you can’t talk about it, write about it.

The best part is no one is reading, so be as candid as you can. It will help you release all that you’re holding inside. And trust me, that feeling of lightness that follows is real. It’s up to you to write in a journal, computer, or just a paper you intend to throw. Go on, get it out!


Have you felt that ‘wow’ feeling when watching Marei Kodno weaving her magic? Well, you don’t have to be that level of clean, but decluttering your surroundings has a massive impact on your feelings. Often the place we are in can affect our feelings. Remember the feeling you get when you enter a clean and beautiful hotel room? You can feel that way every day only if you take some time and arrange your space.

Getting rid of unwanted stuff can make you feel like getting rid of unwanted feelings and starting afresh. Take one step at a time, arrange your books or your shoes or just fold the blanket and see the difference it makes!

There is a notion that self-care is expensive, and not everyone can afford it. According to us, self-care is just telling yourself you deserve the best and working towards making yourself feel that way by doing small things. Because in the end, you are worth it.

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