Preventative COVID Care

Nearly 2 weeks back, all of us started to breathe a little easy albeit with our masks on but nonetheless we did thinking that the wave will now subside completely. We felt the Vaccine is being administered in large numbers. Upwards of 45 years of age, everyone is being taken care of etc.
Nothing could be further from reality. We all let our guard down and now everyone from Tommy to his uncle are reportedly going into home isolation because they have been in the elevator with someone who tested positive recently. We all touched the elevator switches, the Uber door handles and instinctively rubbed our eyes after handling items at the local grocery store.
A year back, we were busy getting used to the homemade/store bought masks, hand sanitizer and ‘immunity boosting’ magic potions. We watched new age Gurus who knew apparently knew everything there was to know about COVID-19 and advised us on several do’s and dont’s.
Clinical trials are what separate a claim from an actual promise. Hence so many brands sought to take advantage of being first movers on something so delicate. The consumer, you and me, were left at the mercy of these brands. Few survived Govt. scrutiny.
A brilliant new product called Viroshield has just hit the market and after a good amount of research and development, and several clinical trials.
This means that when the product claims that 2 pumps at a time, every other hour to a maximum of 6 times a day and not more than 30 days consecutively will effectively reduce the virus load i.e. COVID-19 by 99%, we can fully trust them.
These sprays form a protective layer in the throat when sprayed on. The layer blocks or prevents the virus from going any further into the system.
For obvious reasons, since the spray is to be administered through the mouth, we should not forget to wear our N95 mask. Along with this, washing our hands thoroughly are a good preventative measure from getting infected as well. Most of us have stopped wearing gloves but it is a proven method to prevent us from touching our faces and nose.
Viroshield was initially created as a preventative measure from the common cold as it formed a protective layer within the walls of the throat. It has been since adapted to block Coronavirus by 99%. Viroshield is a very easy to use product. The product is pocket friendly both figuratively and literally. It is small in size and comes at a price of merely Rs 199 MRP.
In our day to day lives, it may be difficult to wear a face shield but it may just prevent those dangerous droplets from entering our system or travelling from our system to someone else.
In conclusion, I would say that this time around, we should do our utmost to protect ourselves and the people around us by following all rules possible. Viroshield may just be the product we have been waiting for.

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