need for sleep

Drowsy at work??
About 30% of the World’s Organized Sectors allow a 30-minute Power Nap for their employees to increase work productivity.

BUT, how do you take this so called POWER NAP??? – We ll tell you a simple 5 Step Way to get yourselves re-energized every day in just 20 minutes.


STEP 1 – Find a Good Place to nap

> Find a quite corner of the office where no one will disturb you

> Switch Off your Mobile Phone

STEP 2 – Have Caffeine/Coffee right before you sleep

 > You may find this absurd, but caffeine takes about 45 minutes to kick in as it has to travel through your gastrointestinal tract

> The Caffeine will not only improve your performance but help you get away with your drowsiness post your 20 minute power nap

STEP 3 – Set a alarm to go off in 15 Minutes.

> Do this soon after you finish your Caffeine and set for sleep

> Set it to 20 Minutes if you are not the Snooze type of a person

 STEP 4 – Tools for sleeping

> Close your eyes and meditate

> If meditation does not help, buy one of the soft instrumental CD’s which may help you

STEP 5 – Get Up as soon as the Alarm Goes Off

> GET UP with a jump as the alarm goes off

> Sleeping for more than 20-minutes can be counterproductive

> Undertake a 5 Minute Stretching & Jumping Exercises to get your pulse rate going

> Wash your face and expose yourself to bright light which will make up feel more awaken

SO, go get yourself that NAP.. POWER NAP!!

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