Popeye’s Spinach

popeye spinach

Remember What Popeye the Sailor man taught us all??

We knew spinach was good, but just realized how good!!

1. Spinach protects against eye disease and vision loss.

2. It is good for brain function.

3. It guards against colon and prostate.

4. It reduces the risk of developing colorectal, ovarian and breast cancers.

5. It protects against heart disease and stroke by keeping the artery walls clear of cholesterol buildup.

6. It prevents dementia.

7. It lowers blood pressure.

8. It is anti-inflammatory.

9. It is great for bone health.

How much:

• Fresh spinach should be a daily staple in your diet.


• Add a handful of fresh spinach to your next fruit smoothie. It’ll change the color but not the taste.

Courtesy: caring.com

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