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Did you know that there is a super weapon to burn fat faster than average diet? This super weapon is called Intermittent fasting. Yes, it means exactly what it sounds…

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Health Tips

Most of you will complain about dry skin, oily skin. But not many of you will know the effects that the night cream will give you.  The skin requires different…

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Health Tips Skin Care

Health Tips Skin Care

Summer is almost here and temperature is rising day by day. As it gets really hot, people opt for cold beverages to remove dehydration.

This time do yourself a favor, avoiding all the flashy and artificial Cold drinks. Instead switch for a very cool and great natural stuff from Mother Nature as Coconut Water.

Health Tips

Detoxification (“detox”) diets and regimes apparently eradicate the body of chemicals and toxins and to an extent are a means to lose weight. Most detox diets promote herbs, pills, potions, and/or fasts…

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Do you moisturize your skin every day? Do you want to retain healthy skin in the years to come? If yes, then you should use moisturizers. Moisturizers avoid dryness of…