Over doing of exercise can be….!!!

Physical fitness is required for any human being to remain fit and healthy in their life which can bring out the sense of confidence in you. It is a real state of health and well-being, more specifically the ability to perform day to day activities without undue fatigue. Physical fitness can be achieved through proper nutrition, moderate vigorous physical exercise and sufficient rest.

Attributes that are associated whether a person is fit or not is based on his strength, endurance, power, speed, balance and coordination and able improve the amount of work done in a given time.

Few methods of training can be in the form of Jogging, Swimming, and Cycling etc.

Benefits derived with regular training starts with reducing fat, increased cardiac benefits, burns calories, positive effect on blood pressure, training with balanced diet can also result in reducing risk of cancer.

Overdoing of exercise / training and neglecting to rest will result in building up fatigue exposing you to the adverse effects like:


  • Suffer injuries by straining your ligaments, tendons, joints and bones
  • Can leave you feeling weak, tired, dehydrated and weaken your immune system
  • Over exercising can also trigger heart failure, osteoporosis and arthritis
  • Can upset your sleep cycle, with lack of sleep due to continuous pumping of adrenaline
  • Prone to eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia
  • Can develop mental complications, by becoming more irritable, moody, depressed or experience bouts of low esteem


  • Problems conceiving and loss of the menstrual cycle in women
  • Chance of developing a condition called amenorrhea


General Understanding of exercise routine

  • Don’t overwork your body
  • Set realistic goals and exercise routine
  • Make yourself physically fit for right reasons like fitness
  • Exercise routine you opt for should take into account your body mass index, current health issues, genetic predispositions and your age
  • Decide best exercise for your individual needs

In general, it’s expert-recommended to do at least 150 minutes of moderate cardio per week and include strength training on two days.


Small lifestyle changes can have a big impact


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