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Organ Donation Facts
All about Organ Donation

Right now, India’s more than 10,000 Citizens require a Organ Transplant; and as you read this an average of 2 die every 4 hours. This number will keep on increasing with years to come.

When you Pledge your Organs:

you just do not Donate, you give someone a New Life.

Here are a set of Certain Myth’s and the Facts related to it, giving you clarity on Organ Donation:

Myth: Are Transplants Successful in India?

Fact:  The success rate of Transplants is 80-90%

Myth: I maybe too old for Pledging my Organ, what can i do?

Fact: Organ Transplant is never age dependent. Its more about your Medical History.

Myth: My Son & Daughter are Minors and hence cannot Pledge their Organs.

Fact:  Any Individual without any age barriers can pledge his/her Organs. In India, about 5 to 10 Children die every month due to non availability of Compatible Organs.

Myth: During emergency, if the doctors find out that I am a Organ Donar, they won’t work as hard to save me!!

Fact: If you are admitted to the hospital, the first priority will always be to save your life. Organ Donation is only considered after brain has been declared dead by the physicians. Organ Transplant Team is different from the Medical Team at the Hospital.

Myth: When I am waiting for a transplant, my financial or celebrity status is as important as my medical status.

Fact: When you are on the transplant list, the organs are given to the people most in need of it. The need is measured by the severity of the illness, blood type match among other medical intricacies.

Myth: How does the hospital know that I am a Organ Donar.

Fact: Carrying a Donar Card in your Wallet is more than enough. During emergency, the medical team will take care of the same.

Myth: Only heart, liver, kidney. pancreas, can be Donated?

Fact: There are total 8 Organs which can be donated saving upto 50 Lives.

Myth: My religion prohibits organ donation.

Fact: All major organized religions approve of organ and tissue donation and consider it an act of charity.


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