Importance of Oral Hygiene

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If there is one thing common to every person across the world, irrespective of age or gender, it is the hatred towards visiting a dentist! Even the most brave and carefree person shudders at the thought of sitting helpless with mouth wide open looking at weird instruments going in and out!

A stitch in time saves nine. True to this saying, basic oral hygiene followed regularly saves a lot of discomfort and money at the dentist.

What is good oral hygiene?

There are few important steps in oral care. One needs to make a habit of following these steps to keep the mouth healthy and clean

1. Brushing

It is the first and most important step to keep your teeth and gums clean. Make sure to brush your teeth twice a day with good quality toothpaste and brush. There are several brands and flavors of tooth pastes available and you can check, compare and buy toothpaste online or from stores and decide which one suits you better. For greater efficiency you can use Electric head toothbrushes.

Oral hygiene

2. Flossing

Most of us stop with brushing and forget the next most important step. Flossing removes plaque and prevents decayed food from being stuck between teeth. These decayed food substances are the main reason for cavities and it is difficult to remove them by brushing. Hence make sure you floss at least once a day.

oral hygiene    oral hygiene

Floss is a thin filament used to clean between teeth. The filament is inserted between teeth and moved along the length to remove any food items stuck there.Try visiting a nearby store or any online heath store to buy dental floss.

 3. Mouth wash

A mouth rinse/wash is never a substitute for brushing and flossing. It is the next step to oral hygiene. Most mouth washes contain anti plaque/antiseptic properties that help fight against tooth decay. They also come in different flavors and you can easily buy mouthwashes online, choosing from several brands and flavors.

Usually about 20 ml of the liquid is taken and gargled for about half a minute after brushing and flossing. Most mouth washes advice against drinking water or gargling with water right after using the product.

4. Eating a balanced diet

Irrespective of taking good care of your mouth, it is important to have a proper diet to keep your mouth clean. Every time you intake food with sugar or starch (Mostly found in junk food), your mouth is exposed to acid attack. Constant attack breaks down the enamel surface, leading to cavity and other dental issues.

oral hygiene

5. Tobacco usage

Say a complete ‘NO’ to tobacco in any form.

6. Examine your mouth

Do not leave any small detail unnoticed. Check your mouth regularly for problems in tooth, gums and when you find any differences/discomfort visit a dental clinic right away.

7. Visit a dentist regularly

It is completely necessary to have regular appointments with your dentist. This will help identify problems in their initial stages and not leave them till they turn complicated.

Discolored teeth, bad odor, cavities, chipped teeth all break your confidence level and there is nothing worse than an aching tooth!

Practice the habit of good oral hygiene and smile proudly. A healthy mouth is worth smiling for!!



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