Oral Care in Kids

The foundation for a healthy oral life the first few years are very important. Milk teeth otherwise called baby teeth plays an important role as they help the child to bite, chew which makes digestion easy  and speak properly. It is very important to teach them the importance of oral hygiene right from young age.  To encourage them brushing every day we have to make the brushing activity an fun filled process. In order to protect their teeth and gums the following simple step must be practiced.

  1. Make them brush twice a day to remove plaque as accumulation of it leads to tooth decay.
  2. Regular flossing must be done to remove plaque that is accumulated between the teeth and gums. The flossing must be started from the age of 4.
  3. Avoid eating over starchy food as it may lead to tooth decay.
  4. Use products that contain fluoride to clean the teeth.
  5. Take kids for regular dental check- ups.


It helps in easy flossing for all the teeth and it is right angled designed. It glides in easily between the gaps. A toothpick is provided at the back with a protector is an added advantage.

Some brushing techniques must be followed to make sure the cleaning is done properly,

  1. Use toothpaste that contains fluoride and it must be pea sized. Make sure kids don’t swallow the paste.
  2. The bristles must be soft and the brushing must be done gently.
  3. The gums must also be cleaned along with the teeth.
  4. Most importantly finish the brushing process by cleaning the tongue.

Correct amount of fluoride must be provided as it helps in preventing tooth decay. It also helps in strengthen the enamel. If the water does not contain fluoride we can take supplements like fluoride drops along with the regular tooth paste.

A balanced diet is equally important to develop a decay resistant and strong teeth. The diet must include a lot of calcium, phosphorous and fluoride. The starch in the food like candies, soft drinks has a very bad impact on the teeth.

How to take care of the primary teeth?

Up to the age of 12 months the gums must be wipes with a soft cloth. When the first tooth appears it has to be cleaned gently with a soft baby brush. After the baby turns an year we have to start using tooth paste.   

How to take care of broken teeth?

In case of injury the child must be immediately taken to the dentist.  The broken tooth must be preserved in water or milk and must be taken to the dentist, as it may possible for the tooth to be placed into the mouth, called implantation.

From the age of 6 kids starts losing their milk teeth. This is the period the mouth is composed of both the milk and the permanent teeth. Lot of care must be taken to make sure the new teeth are maintained properly.

The amount of fluoride in the tooth paste is an important factor to look at. Initially paste with less fluoride content must be used. As they grow older the fluoride content must also be increased. Also the brush must be changed regularly to make sure proper cleaning is done.

Brushing tips:

  • Hold the brush at 45 degree angle
  • Move the brush very gently
  • Cover all the areas of the mouth

Parents play an important role in shaping the child’s habits. They must brush along with their kids as it encourages them to take care of their teeth.

Stay healthy and spread healthiness is the principle I believe in.

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