Nothing To Hide – Winning Over The Mental Disorder

It’s funny. The most important part of the body is the brain. And if you are going through mental health issues, big or small it is taken very lightly either by you or the people around you. The most difficult thing in the world is not fighting the environment outside, it is fighting with our own brain daily, there’s no escape.

Your whole system works on the control of your mindset. If your mindset is disturbed your whole routine of life is disturbed.

What is Mental Health?

It includes our emotional psychological and social well being. It affects how we think, acts, feels, reacts. Mental health is not fixed to one stage of a person life, it is connected to a person from his childhood. The person’s mental health in childhood is equally important.

How is Mental Health Disturbed?

1)    Genetics/ Heredity:- Mental Illness runs in the family if any of a person’s close relatives are suffering or have suffered from mental illness, there are chances that the person will develop one themselves. It comes in the genes.

2)    Brain Defects Or Injury:- Defects in or injury to some parts of the brain can cause Mental Illness.

3)    Substance Abuse:- Longtime Substance Abuse has been and is linked to disorders like Anxiety and Depression.

4)    Infections:- Certain infections have been linked to brain damage and the development of mental illness starts here and the worsening of symptoms begins here.

5)    Other Factors:- Poor nutrition and exposure to toxins may play a lead in the development of mental illness.

The difficult task is understanding that you are suffering from mental illness, and the bigger and worst task for an individual is to believe that he is suffering from mental illness.

Symptoms of Disturbed Mental Health:

1)    Sleeping Pattern:- Changes in your sleeping pattern like sleeping too much or too little

2)    Energy Level:- You always tend to have very low or no energy at all.

3)    Body reactions:- Having unexplained pains and aches

4)    Substance abuse:- Drinking, smoking, or consuming drugs more than usual

5)    Behavioural changes:- Yelling or fighting with friends and family, experiencing severe mood swings, feeling unusually confused, forgetful, angry, upset, worried or scared. Feeling helpless or hopeless.

6)    Hazardous mindset:- Having persistent thoughts and memories you can’t get out of your head. Hearing voices and believing things or not true.

There are many types of mental health disorders.

Depression: Here the person feels quite low or depressed about oneself. They tend to lose interest in doing all sorts of activities even their day to day routine. They tend to oversleep at times. It has kind of become quite common.

  1. Schizophrenia: Here the person might experience delusions, hallucinations etc. They might behave in such a way which can be abnormal to society.
  2. Anxiety: This is also common among all age groups. It is nothing but a constant tension, fear, panic attacks, more precisely the constant fear of what they do in any aspect is right or wrong if they will be accepted by others etc.
  3. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: It is commonly known as OCD. Here they have ‘n’ number of thoughts which they think rapidly. All these excessive thoughts tend to make them do particular work repeatedly.
  4. Dementia: Mostly happens during old age. Here the person’s social activities are limited. They tend to forget about everything gradually.
  5. Autism: It breaks down the nervous system. As a result, a person’s physical, mental and social behaviour gets affected.

There are quite a few reasons for a person to undergo these mental health disorders like loneliness, long term tension or stress, trauma, poverty, negligence, child abuse, traumatic experience, not able to relate to people around, unhealthy environment etc. Sometimes it can be a genetic disorder as well. People with this disorder tend to become way too silent, way too aggressive, extremely emotional, tend to do unusual actions etc which are quite noticeable.

All these people need help immediately. If you know somebody whose going through this you can immediately help them as well. You just have to make them feel comfortable and trustworthy and remain true to whatever you tell them. You need to spare time and give complete attention to them. Don’t try to guess what they are feeling because that can be a hindrance because of which they may not open up. Allow them to talk as much as they want but do not pressurise them. Keep all your questions casual and see to that it doesn’t hurt the person. Do not cross your limits. Talk about their well being and prosperity and make them realise that everything can get better. If you feel they need further help to suggest them some good counsellors or psychiatrists who will surely be of great help.

At the end of the day please help these people before it’s too late.

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