Nisargalaya Hair Grow Oil

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Buy New Nisargalaya Hair Growth Oil which gives nourishment in the form of Vitamin-E & Phyto Oil for Healthy Hair. Available exclusively at

Nisargalaya Hair Grow Oil gives your hair the right nourishment and growth

Its herbal extracts in combination with Vitamin-E and Phyto Oil help improve texture, growth, shine and overall condition of the hair leaving it healthy and replenished.

The Oil provides the Vitamin for making your hair more thicker and softer.

Directions for Use:
1) Apply 5-10ml of Nisargalaya Hair Grow Oil onto your scalp and massage for 10 to 15 mins.
2) Leave Nisargalaya Hair Grow Oil applied overnight.
3) Rinse thoroughly in the morning.
4) Use Nisargalaya Hair Grow Oil regularly for maximum benefit.

Bhringaraja – 2gms
Amalaki – 2gms
Vibhitaki – 2gms
Brahmi – 1gm
Haritaki – 1gm
Nimba – 2gm
Yashthimadhu – 1gm
Kaidarya – 1gm
Arishtaka – 1gm
Amleeka – 1gm
Tila Taila – 50ml
Sariva – 1gm
Madayantika – 1gm
Champaka – 1gm
Narikela Taila – 50ml
Japapushpa – 2gms
Vatada – 1gm
Bakuchi – 1gm
Neelini – 2gm
Rasanjana – 1gm
Karanja – 1gm
Udaka – 400ml

1) Avoid using detergent based shampoos
2) Extremely Hot Water is not recommended, as they may cause permanent damage to the texture of your hair

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  1. Rahmet Muhamed said:

    halo i need to order this hair oil if you can dlavre to dubai al jafliya the oil name is nisargalaya hair grow oil thanks

    November 17, 2015

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