New & Improved Servers


ClickOnCare has and shall continue to believe in PRODVICE, i.e Product with Service.

Selling you a product is not what we believe in; we take that extra step to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase and the overall buying experience on the website.

Owing to the overwhelming response and the need to reciprocate the same, we have revamped our servers and the load time.

What does this mean for a Buyer?

– A buyer has a enhanced buying experience of uninterrupted product surfing even if our servers go for a toss (usually few seconds). Not only this; our overall load time for any page has reduced by approximately 20 seconds, which brings ClickOnCare even closer and faster to you.

  • Mobile & Tablets also load the website much quicker
  •  Your Transactions are now 200% more secure than 99.99% of the Online Purchases.

We hope this investment will help to enhance your buying experience and ensure hassle free surfing anywhere across the globe.

Keep Healthy & Stay Fit!

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