The ‘New Normal’ Fitness Routine: Joining a Gym vs Working Out at Home

With the ongoing global pandemic, maintaining a physically active and healthy lifestyle has been challenging for all of us. The instability due to Lockdown and Social distancing, followed by closed Gyms, has made this even more daunting, and this has created an enormous spur among people to adopt a more home-oriented workout setup.

Gym vs Home Workout – The Difference

It’s easy to join a gym by paying for the membership and then never using it to the fullest. It’s also easy to workout at home without any serious investment and then getting distracted easily.
Whichever you choose, in the end, it all comes up to your determination and motivation.

Pros and Cons of Joining a Gym:

If multiple features and accessibility is something you prefer, here are your pros –

  1. Motivation and Influence: Paying for an activity is a motivation on its own but working out in a similar environment among others boosts your morale. With a dedicated place and space, you get to be more focused and less distracted.
  2. Amenities: Gyms have multiple verticals to choose and work on from treadmills to weights, allowing you to focus effectively on your fitness goals.

Gyms do have their own set of drawbacks too –

  1. Cost: Membership of a good gym is not that pocket friendly as you might think, a decent gym membership can cost you somewhere around Rs.1000-3000 monthly.
  2. Interference: A packed gym can be irritating, it gets sweaty, crowded and you might have to wait for your turn to use a machine.
  3. Preparation: Going to the gym takes a lot of preparation, from prepping up your bag with relevant attire, water, snacks, and supplements including the commute.

Pros and Cons of Working out at Home:

A lot of people think that working out in gyms are only for professionals and prefer working out at home because of the below perks –

  1. Cost-Effective: With no to minimum investments, you can start your home workout effectively with the use of bodyweight exercises, resistant bands, exercise balls, jumping ropes etc.
  2. Convenient and Comfort: No specific time, no commute, no preparation, and all of this at the comfort of your home. No one is going to judge you for your attire, and you have all the space with a variety of activities to perform for as long as you want.

Working out at home has its own set of disadvantages too –

  1. Distraction: It’s easier for you to get distracted and lose motivation when you work from home – an urgent call from the office, kids crying, and the list goes on.
  2. Let’s Skip: At the comfort of your home, laziness is bound to take over, combined with the distractions the number of days you skip your workout routine grows exponentially.
  3. Specific Goals: The results for a specific fitness goal you get from home workouts and in a gym are very different, it demands more time, effort and understanding of what you are doing.


Our daily routines have become very restricted amid this pandemic, making it hard for us to find the motivation for any physical activity, something you should never skip.
It’s totally up to you to choose between Joining a Gym and Home Workouts as per your requirements.
Seeing the ongoing situation, the best option would be, self-motivated you trying the safer option of Home Workouts unless the situation seems safe or preferable to you.

Be creative with your exercises and no matter what never stop your fitness goals.

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