Live In The Moment, Live In The Breath, Say No To Stress!

In life every single person in this world experiences stress at some point or the other. It is a kind of physical or emotional tension and in situation like these people might tend to become furious, very nervous, angry, might cry etc.. The reaction of the body during stress might differ and happens when something is expected or demanded. Now stress can be good and bad. Good stress is when it improves you and you benefit out of it like when you have to meet your deadline, your having a child, you are getting retired etc. Bad stress is when is effects you badly physically and mentally and has a negative impact too like when you lose contact with your loved one’s, somebody dies, there’s some bad injury or illness etc. There are various types of stress like Acute stress which is the most common one. It happens quite frequently. It happens because of constant thinking of something over and over again and becomes negative. It can happen due to recent arguments, past or upcoming events etc. Then it’s the episodic acute stress wherein one undergoes a lot of crisis and has a chaotic living. They tend to take up a lot a responsibilities and are pressurised. 

Then there is the Chronic stress wherein a person has undergone a long time stress because of poverty, unemployment, broken family, problematic relations etc.  

Stress effects a person physically and mentally in different ways like 

  • Constant headaches.  
  • Low blood pressure and variation in heart rate.  
  • Stomach indigestion and nausea.  
  • Lack of socialising.  
  • Depression, anxiety, frustration and anger.  
  • Infection and grinding the teeth.  
  • Ulcers, dry mouth and lack of appetite.  

One should try to overcome stress and manage the situation effectively. There are quite a few ways of managing stress and its benefits might differ among people. So the ways of managing stress are by 

  • Cultivating a hobby and diverting your mind. 
  • Accepting the facts and the events that cannot be changed or controlled. 
  • Having a positive attitude. 
  • Trying to do some activities like yoga, going to the gym, exercising, meditating etc. 
  • Maintaining a balanced diet. 
  • Having proper rest and maintaining a good sleep routine. 
  • Talking to somebody whom you are comfortable with if something is bothering you. 

Hence one should try to overcome their stress and try to lead their life happily and peacefully.  

Live Healthy, Live Happy, Say No To Stress


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