Lip care for Winters. No More Dry and Chapped Lips!

Lack of Moisture anywhere in the body is bad and is a serious issue than we think. Whether it’s because of the weather or lack of self-care. Little dampness in the air causes “Chapped Lips”. For now, let us talk about the damage to the lips because of the weather. I agree that the lips get dry due to the weather, but not taking care of it or tackling it is our mistake, and we can’t blame it all on the weather. Cold weather can sometimes, destroy the smile on your face.


Firstly, How does “Frosty Weather” damage lips?

Digestive enzymes crud/bacteria in saliva can damage the lips. When moisture vaporizes they become drier as they lose their moisture into the dry cold air. The winter is a long battle against dry skin and dry cracked lips. One of the main things is, the skin near the lips is one of the thinnest on the body, and also the lips have few oil glands to keep them moisturized.

Secondly, there are some misconceptions about treating “Dry Lips”

  1. Licking the dry lips: The biggest misconception is that we think to lick the lips treat dryness. But the truth is the moisture evaporates when you lick the lips, and it makes things worse. But it is difficult to break this habit, for instance, I am licking my lips while writing this.
  2. You should rub your chapped lips with a toothbrush: Yes. You read it write, a lot of people come up with this stuff. Doing this will tear sensitive skin making it more vulnerable
  3. Chapped lips are transmissible: This is completely false. Chapped lips are caused by exposure to rasping environmental conditions, cold wind, low humidity, dehydration. They are not contagious, and cannot spread from one person to other.

Finally, here are some tips to protect your lips during winter.

  1. Don’t lick your lips: When your lips are dry you automatically tend it lick it and think it will make it moist. But it’s the other way around, once you put saliva on your lips it dries out your lips and makes it drier. 2.
  2. Test and treat cracks on the lips immediately: Not treating them immediately they can become worse and cause an infection real quick 3
  3. Use a good lip balm: Use lips balms. But use good ones. Quality is everything everywhere. Use quality lips balms like Sebamed Lip defence, Hydronic Lip care and Lip talk Lip protect. These are some quality lip balms with 100% results, these products are available on 4
  4. Try natural lip remedies: Some home remedies which has god results;
  1. a) Aloe-vera- Contains minerals and vitamins and antioxidants that rehydrates damaged skin

b)Coconut Oil – It can soothe and soften the skin.

c)Honey – It is highly moisturizing and is a great remedy for dry lips, it also helps prevent infections from dry lips.

d)Cucumber – contains vitamins and minerals that could cure the lip damage.

Now you know well, so take care and don’t let it damage your smile

#FightTheFrost #FaluntYourSmile

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