Know more about hair fall and the ways of fighting hair loss!

Fighting hair loss

Another post on hair care after a long time! This time it is going to be on hair fall start to end. Summer is not going to last long and it will soon be raining cats and dogs! Your mane requires care all 365 days! Extremes of climate can cause hair damage and separate hair care regimes are necessary each season to make sure you protect those precious locks. Summer causes dullness of hair, winter brings about dryness and dandruff. There is one problem that stays on for all seasons – hair fall.

What causes hair fall?

Fighting hair fall

There are several factors that relate to loss of hair. They can be

  • Genetic- passed on from either of your parents
  • Stress, lack of sleep, fatigue
  • Malnutrition-lack of a healthy balanced diet
  • Infection and other diseases
  • Medication and treatments like chemotherapy
  • Harsh climates

I had already mentioned in one of the previous articles that hair contains more than 95% proteins. This is the reason why a poor diet can induce hair fall. Though including a lot of proteins can help control this to an extent, it cannot reverse the process and cannot help in case of extreme hair loss.

There can be different types of hair loss.

  • Hair thins out as people age and the growth reduces over time
  • Patches of baldness occur around the head. This condition may lead to complete baldness over time
  • Pattern baldness-This is common to both the gender and is characterized by loss of hair around the crown and frontal scalp
  • Extreme cases of hair loss can cause losing hair from all parts of the body

Fighting hair fall

There is a huge market outside that claims to help control hair fall and thanks to our condition, their profit margins grow in huge numbers. It is important to analyse and buy the right products that actually are worth the hard earned money we spend.

Let me list below few products that have received positive feedback from users and have shown considerable effects in reducing hair fall

Bontress Leave On Lotion

Marketed by Glenmark, Bontress Leave-On Solution prevents hair loss and promotes hair regrowth. It can be used right after washing the hair and massaged into the scalp for maximum effect.

fighting hair loss

Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo and Alpecin Liquid hair Energizer

Caffeine is said to energize the hair follicles, activating the growth phase of hair to last longer. This thus induces new hair growth and builds hair structure.

Fighting hair fall    Fighting hair fall

For best results, wash your hair with Alpecin C1 Shampoo, towel dry it and once the hair is completely dry, apply a few drops of the Alpecin Liquid to hair and massage gently. You can comb/style as usual after a couple of minutes.

There have been very positive reviews on using caffeine as a hair care product and if you are suffering from hair fall, do not hesitate to try out these two products.

Renocia Hair Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Fighting hair fall

Very similar to the last product discussed, Renocia helps effectively fight against

  • Hair Thinning
  • Hair Loss
  • Dandruff
  • Split ends
  • Frizzy Hair

Renocia Solution helps achieve strong, lustrous hair, helps in hair regrowth and gives volume and bounce to your hair. It also energizes Scalp for strengthening each strand of hair.

For best results, use both the shampoo and conditioner together.

Plantur 39 Phyto-Caffeine Tonic

This product is enriched with caffeine which promotes hair re-growth and nourishes the roots for defense against hair loss. Caffeine is said to activate the growth phase of hair follicles, promoting growth. It also restricts the supply of energy from hormones preventing receding hairline. For best results, massage the oil into the scalp and leave it overnight. Wash with a mild shampoo followed by a conditioner.

You can check the ingredients and buy Plantur 39 from leading healthcare stores like


fighting hair fall



NoSkurf hair care products lotion is very useful in fighting hair fall by controlling dandruff issues. It is recommended to use NoSkurf Lotion as a leave-on lotion. Apply it to the scalp and roots at night followed by gentle massage. The active ingredients penetrate deep to nourish the hair from inside and outside. Wash it off next morning followed by the application of NoSkurf cream.

Hair fall is not a severe problem if treated early. If you notice sudden abnormal hair loss or have a history of baldness, do consult your doctor to understand the problem and work on it.

Fighting hair fall


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