Keep your skin perfect this Monsoon!

Dark clouds, cold dusty winds and then come the first showers. Thank God the rains are here and so is the time to enjoy the masala tea and Bhutta under the umbrella. But with rain comes oily skin, dirty feet and bad hair days. But don’t let these worries spoil your fun.

I am here to help you manage all your skin care related queries this monsoon. It is the most problematic season especially for your skin. Wet skin causes infections and break out. Try the simple do it yourself routine and have a hassle free season.

First thing’s first. Follow a simple cleaning, toning and moisturizing practice every day. Clean your face with an oil free cleanser. The air already has enough moisture to feel occluded. Thus an oil free cleanser is the first step. Before going to bed it is imperative that all traces of any make up are washed well. Never ignore the need for a good toner. It is a boon for oily and acne prone skin since it cleanses the pores. Last but never the least is to moisturize the skin at least once a day, best could be night time. Moisturizing is a must especially if you have dry skin.

  1. Wash Your Face Twice
    During monsoon, our skin is exposed to several germs and pollutants that can cause a serious damage to the skin, which is why, it is imperative to use a good face wash to remove the dirt.

  1. Use a Toner
    Using an alcohol-free facial toner can do wonders during this season. Specially, if you’ve dry skin, then a few sprays of a toner would prevent your skin from further dryness. And in case you’ve an oily skin, you should consider using an astringent.

  1. Use Water-Proof Make-up
    Many experts’ advice women to stay away from heavy make-up during the rainy season. But, if you can’t, then you must opt for water-proof make-up essentials to prevent them from causing an embarrassment or spoiling your looks further.

  1. Moisturize
    Keeping your skin moisturized through the day is highly crucial. It will prevent breakouts and make your skin glow, despite of the weather changes.

  1. Exfoliate At Least Once In A Week
    To prevent a build-up of dead skin cells, it is essential to exfoliate your skin. Whisk up a homemade scrub to remove the dead skin cells and other germs, and clean the skin from well under the surface.

  1. Use a Sunscreen
    Most of us make the mistake of skipping the sunscreen when the weather outside is gloomy and dark. Even few seconds of exposure to the sun’s rays can harm your skin. So, apply a little bit of sunscreen to protect your skin

  1. Drink Plenty of Water
    Most of the skin problems that occur during this season is because of the fact that most of us cut down on the quantity of water that we consume. Keeping yourself hydrated will make your skin appear fresh and beautiful.

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