Food that you will love when you plan weight loss

Indian food when on diet

I am always ‘Google’ searching for new diet plans that have helped people shed those extra calories in the minimum time possible! I have also religiously tried them out (atleast for the first couple of days without cheating), but have only managed losing a couple of kilos every time.

This got me into wondering why these tested diet plans don’t work for me. These are the reasons I had jotted down.

  • I am a big foodie and hate it when I can’t eat
  • I do not like the food menu/recipe for most diet plans
  • When I am forced back from doing something, I badly want to do it that very moment (in this case, eat)
  • Most diet plans are so rigorous and stressing that I lose my confidence in the first 2-3 days
  • I am not able to eat tasty food when I am on diet
  • Most diet plans on the internet are not created for Indians and their way of eating!

Indian food when on diet

If you are someone who can be strong and complete sessions of dieting without cheating or feeling awful about it, then cheers to you! You make me jealous. Unfortunately, if you are like me, then read on. I have put together few very tasty Indian food ingredients that you can try out when you decide to go on a diet!

Please keep in mind that I am not promising you will shed ‘X’ kilos in ‘Y’ number of days with these. All I am trying to say is that you will certainly feel full, feel satisfied and end up consuming fewer calories when you try these out.

Moong dal

Indian food when on diet

Moong dal is full of Vitamins, iron, calcium and potassium, proteins and fiber. It helps keep you full, aiding in metabolism and has very less calories. It is also very tasty and keeps you satisfied inside. You can try moong dal tadka that goes really well with rotis and rice or put together moong dal, rice in a pressure cooker and have a khichdi instead.


Indian food when on diet

Leafy greens are great if you want a quick and healthy side dish for rice or any Indian bread. Wash the greens thoroughly and chop them into small pieces. You can add them in soups, stews or mix them with Moong dal or toor dal for a wholesome gravy.

Fresh salads

Indian food when on diet

According to dietitians, consuming fresh salads (without any high calorie dressing) prior to having your meal help induce the feeling of fullness in your stomach and prevents you from overeating. Try a simple tomato veggie salad that you can gobble before your actual lunch or dinner. This will make sure you are not starving before the meal and contain your food intake.

Herbal tea

Indian food when on diet

Try cutting down one cup of coffee/tea/milk and replace it by a cup of hot herbal tea. This helps your immune system, cleanses your system and has absolutely no calories. Buy herbal teas from and choose from several brands.

Olive oil

Indian food when on diet

Olive oil has good fat and is certainly a better choice when compared to other oils. It has abundant antioxidants and researches have proven its effect in preventing various diseases including heart ailments, cholesterol and even few types of cancer. It also helps reduce weight. So what are you waiting for? Start using a good brand of virgin olive oil today!

Lean meat

Indian food when on diet

Prefer lean portions of meat and sea food which are lesser in calories. Protein rich meat keeps you strong and healthy. Cook the meat using as less oil/sauce as possible.

Mid meal cravings

Indian food when on diet

Munch on fresh fruits, moderate portions of nuts like almond, walnuts when you crave for food between meals. Most times, the fries and pastries you eat between meals add more calories than your meal itself!

As people say, Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. Making small changes in what you eat and the way you eat will make a big difference in your physique and health. There is no need to starve and punish yourself in the name of diet!

Eat what you like. Live happily. There is only one life out there!


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