Boost Your Immunity and Live a Healthy Life

Apple a day

It takes more than “Apple a day to keep doctor away.” To keep a doctor away your immune system must be built strong enough.

So, what Immune System ?

By definition “the organs and processes of the body that provide resistance to infection and toxins.” Our body contains army of white blood cells which fights any infection and other germs. It helps in healing fast and recovering us to normal state.

There are certain foods which helps to boost and develop the Immune System.

These days people get problems after eating some street food, munching junk food or drinking water outside. All these mean that your immune system is weak.

So adding these foods to your diet will certainly boost your immunity.

FYI by immunity, I didn’t meant that Roadies one 😛

10. Garlic

Food to boost immunity 1

It is a relative of onion. Garlic produces potent antioxidant which protect body from germs. This super food fights germs and infection by increasing natural killer cells, macrophages, and lymphocytes.

It is used to treat cold, flu and is a great protector of heart. It is also gaining popularity for anti-tumor effect.

9. Green Tea

Food to boost immunity 2

Green tea certainly is a super food.

It contains potent antioxidants and catechins, which give it a very high immune boosting effect. Catechins is an anti-oxidant which helps in prevention of viruses.

Amino acid is responsible for immune boost, L-theanine exists in green tea in large quantity. You can buy Green Tea Online and make it a mandatory part of your fresh mornings.

8. Yogurt

Food to boost immunity 3

Yogurt contains Probiotics which are the stars of the evening. Probiotics are good bacteria, which helps in boosting immune system and improve our digestion.

Studies suggests, yogurt helps in keeping stomach happy.

7. Sweet potato

Food to boost immunity 4

Sweet potato contains Vitamin A which helps in boosting immunity. It is important for mucus membranes which is in our nose to throat. It is a main element in production of connecting tissues, a main element in skin.

6. Honey

Food to boost immunity 5

Honey soothes our throat and removes cough if you are sick. It helps in better digestion. Its anti-oxidants makes it a high immunity booster.

Instead of sugar try to adapt honey as a substitute and see the changes yourself.

5. Turmeric

Food to boost immunity 6

It is a common and old Indian ingredient used in every household.

Turmeric contains curcumin which helps in reducing pain, fighting free radicals and repairing damaged cell membrane.

4. Holy Basil

Food to boost immunity 7

Holy Basil is one of oldest Indian Ayurvedic product, used in various medicines and other mixtures. It can be found in almost every household of India.

It helps in protection from common cold, headaches, stomach disorders, skin disorders, dental problems, and fevers.

3. Chicken Soup

Food to boost immunity 8

Chicken Soup is very good for your body. In long run it protects us from lots of cold and cough related problems.

Our mama always gives us chicken soup when our nose secrates. It raises the temperature of the airways which helps in secretion.

Adding garlic and ginger to soup gives more benefits.

2. Mushrooms

Food to boost immunity 9

Mushrooms contains selenium, which helps in fighting severe flu.

Studies have shown that mushroom increase the production and activity of white blood cells. So it is very high immune booster.

1. Oat & Barley

Food to boost immunity 10

These contain beta-glucan, a type of fibre which helps to fight respiratory infections, herpes etc. It helps in healing wounds, immunity and helps antibiotic in working better.

So adding these 10 super food will greatly boost your immunity and keep you away from Doctor.

Although I am not saying you will become Wolverine or something 😛

But still, it doesn’t hurt to make some basic changes which eventually helps in longer run.

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