Importance of Proper Nutrition for Kids

A diet or a meal that improves and maintains the overall health is considered a healthy and nutritious meal. A healthy meal has all the essential micro and macronutrients, along with the appropriate number of calories, a complete meal is essential for the proper growth of the brain and body. A full-fledged proper diet for your young one consists of fruits, veggies, and whole grains.


Are the dietary requirement the same for adults and children?

Most parents are keen on providing the best possible nutrition for their children and sometimes it is wrongly believed that adult nutritional requirements and a kid’s nutritional requirements are the same but this is not true. Kids require some extra proteins as they are in their growth and build phase. On the other hand, their calorie requirement is lower as compared to an adult. Also, kids absorb nutrients from their food way quicker as compared to adults.


 How does a healthy meal benefit your kid as compared to a regular meal?

A regular meal that has fried food and carbonated beverages might work with an adult, but when talking about children, eating a well-balanced diet or a healthy meal is very crucial.


Unlike a regular meal consisting of fried food and carbonated beverages, eating a well-balanced diet will help in meeting energy requirements, this will have a direct impact on their brain and body development, immunity, mental health.


So, how can we decide what is right and what is wrong when it comes to a healthy meal for kids?

In the coming paragraph, you will be advised a complete set of guidelines for the complete brain and body development of your child.


Fruits and vegetables are a very good source of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibers. You should try to fill their plates with a lot of fruits and vegetables. The next important nutrient required is proteins. Meat, fish, eggs are the richest source of proteins however if you’re a vegetarian you can incorporate equally good sources like dry fruits, beans, lentils, and soya bean in their meals. You can keep your young one away from carbonated and artificial drinks by serving them healthy alternatives like milk-based smoothies and fruit juices. 


What are some tasty as well as healthy food that make up for a healthy diet?

Feeding your kids anything other than an ice-cream or cake is a struggle for any parent. Trying to feed them healthy becomes very difficult as they tend to run far from all the vegetables. So, here are some foods that are nutritious and tasty as well so that your child doesn’t run away at the sight of them:


Yogurt is a rich source of probiotics, this helps maintain the gut biome thus keeping the digestion and absorption of nutrients strong.




Beans are simply delicious and naturally occurring food that provides important nutrients for a growing child, including protein, fiber, folate, magnesium, iron, and potassium.



Eggs are the ideal source for proteins, calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B. They should be at the core of a nutritious diet which will ensure your child grows up to be smart, healthy and strong.


Avocados are a very good source of Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Folate these nutrients are essential for a strong immune system, overall growth, and bone health.


Milk is one of the best sources of Vitamin D and calcium, sufficient intake of milk makes sure that your young one doesn’t suffer from weak bones and osteoporosis.


Whole grains

Whole grains are full of fiber, nutrients, iron, and many oxidants. They are great for your kid’s metabolism and keeps their hearts in top shape.




Following these simple changes in your kids eating habits can be very beneficial for your child’s present and future health. The best part is that this nutrient-rich diet is healthy as well as tasty, now your child won’t throw a tantrum too!

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