Immunity; The Defense Mechanism of Our Body and #Coronavirus

Immunity is basically the body’s ability to protect itself from various diseases. It is the resistance power of the body against different sorts of illnesses.
 There are 7 main elements of our immune system. 

  1. White blood cells: Cells which protects the body from different diseases. 
  2. Antibodies: They are the kind of protein molecules secreted by the B cells. 
  3. Bone marrow: It is a soft tissue like substance found inside the bones of the human body. 
  4. Complement system: It helps in clearing the damaged cells and microbes. 
  5. Lymphatic system: It is a network of tissues and organs which throws out unwanted materials. 
  6. Spleen: it basically balances the body fluid. 
  7. Thymus: Produces several harmonies and helps in building the immune system. 

 There are 4 types of immunity  

  • Innate immunity: It is already present in the body since birth.
  • Adaptive immunity: It gets developed as the bodycomes in contact withharmful substances so keep keeps developing as we grow. 
  • Passive immunity: It is the immunity which is transferred from another body that is from the placenta tofetus. 
  • Immunization: It is done through vaccination.

 The immune system keeps a record of each and every harmful substance it kills and doesn’t allow it to enter the body. It can destroy the tiniest harmful substance that tries to make way into your body. 

 All may not have good immunity. Such people tend to undergo a lot of problems like. 

  • Abnormality or disorders in blood
  • Lack of development and growth in kids 
  • The occurrence of diabetes type 1 and 2
  • Malnutrition
  • Unable to eat properly
  • Joint and body pain
  • Constantly falling sick
  • Stomach indigestion anddiarrhea
  • Experiencing cramps in the lower tummy and back

 So you need to boost your immunity which can be done in different ways: 

  1. Reduce drinking a lot of alcohol, control and drink it in moderation 
  2. Quit smoking 
  3. Try to be less stressed or tensed and preoccupy your mind in something which calms you down 
  4. Try maintaining a good sleep pattern and get a nice peaceful sleep 
  5. Have a balanced diet and eat healthy food 
  6. Do a lot of physical activities like yoga, exercise, go to the gym, dance, do Zumba etc 
  7. Try to be active as much as possible 
  8. Try to maintain a healthy weight which does justice to your height and body type 
  9. Try to avoid situations where you feel you might get infected 
  10. Try consuming suitable supplements to increase immunity 

 Now you now that Immunity is very important for our body. Recently all of us are facing a pandemic of Coronavirus which is spreading like wildfire and leaving behind a lot of fatalities. 

Corona virus which is transmitted between animals and people actually started in China and has been spreading all over the world. 

The symptoms are basically dry cough, fever, body ache and cold and flu-like symptoms which might as well result in pneumonia, kidney failure and sadly even death. 

The research for a cure has already been under progress. But prevention is always better than cure. Avoid close contact with people when sick, try staying at home in a clean area moreover and keep your immunity always boosted up. 



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