Hyperpigmentation – a thing of past?

Skin is the biggest and first cloth of the human body. It always has you covered. The human skin is the largest organ. It is the biggest blockade against infections. But lack of skincare may lead to a lot of skin problems, which may turn worse if not treated. One of them is Hyperpigmentation, one of the most common skin problems we all face.

What is hyperpigmentation?

  • Is a condition where dark spots form on your skin. The darkened spots are the results of the overproduction of melanin (a brown pigment responsible for our normal skin colour)
  • All have different levels of Melanin in our body. The process that creates melanin is melanogenesis, and it happens to every one of us. Melanin gives hair and eyes their colour as well.

It is said that the harder you scrub, the quicker the pigmentation will fade. But this is the complete opposite of the truth. The fact is the harder you scrub the stronger the spot gets irritated.

Fact about Hyper Pigmentation is that the older you get the harder it is to treat it.

Causes of Hyper Pigmentation

  •  Any irritation can cause Hyper Pigmentation. Acne, cuts, scrapes, waxing, and rashes are few of the main culprits of Hyper Pigmentation
  • Other reasons include Sun Exposure, Reactions to Drug Use (Medications), Hormonal Changes, Medical Conditions

ClickOnCare delivers various types of “quality” skin products to protect your largest organ of the body. They have skincare products distinguished from the type of skin problems.

For Hyper Pigmentation you could try;

1. VC 15 VITAMIN C SERUM which is effectively used for photodamaged, melasma and hyperpigmented skin

 Benefits Of VC 15:

1) Enriched with Vitamin C

2) Antioxidant

3) Anti-inflammatory

4) Moisturise

5) Photo-protection

6) Depigmentation

7) Photo-protection

How to Use?

  • Take 1 – 2 drops of the serum on your fingertips
  • Apply on theface;on the affected area
  • Rub until it gets absorbed

2. Melawash Facewash: This face wash is specially formulated for hyperpigmented skin.

Benefits Of Melawash Facewash:

It contains Glycolic Acid which helps to shed the dead skin cells. It unblocks the pores from the surface of the skin. It is a gel-based face wash which is effective against acne, pigmentation and ageing skin.

How to Use?

  • Squeeze a small amount of face wash from the tube
  • Massage on the face and neck in an upward circular motion
  • Leave it on the skin for 2-3 minutes
  • Rinse off with clean water and dry with a towel
  • Apply twice a day, Morning & Night

Using them for minimum 1-2 months will surely reap in visible changes to your skin and its problems.
Clear Skin, Healthy Skin and Beautiful You!



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