How To Survive the Summer of 2017?

Summer is just setting in and the mercury level seems to be soaring extremely higher than ever. This makes it dangerous as there is a rise in heat strokes as well. How do we keep ourselves cool during summer? In such a condition, the best way to prevent heat stroke is to keep oneself well hydrated. So today in this article I will be writing now some of the few healthy drinks that help to keep the body cool. When the body is not able to take the heat, it can also cause fatigue, lethargy and restrict one’s movement as well. Such a condition can also give rise to allergies, especially among those with low immunity levels. Quenching the thirst and more so keeping oneself hydrated is highly important as summer sets in.
1. Coconut Water: One of the best and healthiest fluids to keep yourself fresh. Rich in nutrients like amino acids and vitamin B, coconut water has zero cholesterol.
2. Butter Milk: Also known as chaas, butter milk is best to prevent dehydration. To prepare butter milk one needs curd, water, a bit of pepper, ginger, jeera and salt.
3. Lime Water: The cheapest and quickest way to beat the heat; Rich in Vitamin C, B and calcium, all that one needs to do is squeeze the lemon in a glass of water and mix it well. Add sugar or salt to taste.
4. Watermelon Juice: Low in calories, watermelon juice is good for the kidneys too. So, cut some melon and squash it in a glass with Salt or Sugar to taste.
5. Lassi: Give your body the Punjabi Sugar Rush with Lassi. Mix Sugar, Curd and water to blend in a thick lassi. You may throw in some fresh fruits like Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry for a Refreshing Summer Kick.
6. Sugarcane Juice: Rich in antioxidants, natural glucose, potassium and magnesium, sugarcane juice helps prevent heatstroke.
7. Water: More than being the best hydrating agent for the body, water flushes all the Summer Toxins out of  your system.
8. Aam Panna: Made using raw mangoes, it is a rich source of Vitamin C, with mutiple benefits against dehydration, heat stroke & body lethargy.
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