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Easy Steps to Gain Weight|Clickoncare.com

I hope this article will interest you because there are dieticians and nutritionists, talking and advertising about losing weight, all the time. But this post was also important, considering all the skinny boys and girls out there.

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Gaining some weight is important in many sense, of lifestyle as well as health.  Each and every doctor or science guy will always tell you to keep your weight according to B.M.I.(body mass index). Which says weight to be neither too high or low.

After lots of research, we found these steps very helping in gaining weight. These are chosen based on simple day to day activities. Hard ones are not part of our discussion.

Ask why?

Because they are really hard and requires more effort. That’s all. 😀

Please mark these steps in your daily routine:

 1. Drink lots of water:

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Do you Know? Muscles in our body, are composed of 75% water. So in order to grow your muscles, you must drink lots and lots of H2O. Try to drink at least 3 Liter water a day. Amount of water to be consumed, may be different, for different body types.

You must consult your dietician for exact amount. Moreover, there is no harm in drinking water. So drink, as much as you can.

 2. Calculate how much calorie u need everyday:

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Sign up for a site dailyburn.com (it’s free), give your statistics and track every meal you eat and had.


Use these steps for calculating, Calories you need every day.

  • Multiply your weight in pounds or kilos by 12.
  • Multiply that figure by 1.6 to get your basic resting metabolic rate (how many calories you burn without exercising at all)
  • Multiply by 5 the number of minutes you spend each week on lifting weights.
  • Multiply by 8 the number of minutes you spend each week on aerobic exercise (running, cycling, etc.)
  • Add together the total minutes you spend on each type of exercise each week and divide the total by 7. Add this number plus 500 to your basic metabolic rate. The result will tell you how many calories you need every day to gain 1 pound (.45 kg) a week.

3. Increase Carbohydrate Intake:

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Carbohydrates will help you gain weight(not muscles). Food which contain high amounts of fat are pasta, brown rice, wheat bread, oatmeal etc. Every meal should have vegetables and fruits. Only Proteins will help in gaining energy, but no weight. Too many guys forget that lifting weights will not feed there muscles with calories.

4. Increase Protein intake:

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A good breakdown for bodybuilders is 40% carbohydrates, 35% protein and 25% fat. So you have to make sure that your body get 35% protein in each of your meal. Remember


Chicken, fish, meat, eggs, milk, almonds, peanuts gives you lots of protein. Read more about protein here.

 5. Get lots of sleep:

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This is most important and my favorite step. As it requires minimal efforts and I enjoy it. 😀

Do You Know? Scientist had found that a person can give maximum efficiency, if he has 8-9 Hours sleep. Sounds interesting! doesn’t it. When you sleep you do nothing, but your muscles still relax and repairs.

6. Take supplements:

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Ideally, you should try to get all nutrients and minerals from meals. But still Supplements are recommended. Protein Supplements help to grow your muscles and strengthen them. Weight Gainer Supplements like Nutrigain Powder and Capsules helps in speedy growth of your Muscles. You can also visit our large collection of Weight Gainer Products.

And don’t get carried away by the excess amount of supplements. It should be in proper fraction. These supplements are no substitute for lifting weight or heavy workouts but it definitely enhances result.

7.  Eat a lot:

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This is the easiest part. Eat lots and lots of good food. Double the amount of food you are eating. Suppose if you are having 3 meals a day, then double it to 5-6 meals per day at least.

If you take 1800 calories a day, then you have to make sure you take 3500 calorie per day. This meal can include potatoes, grains, oatmeal, rice or any other healthy carbohydrate source. Eating a meal after any workout gives maximum result.

There you have it. Now follow these steps and you will start seeing changes. Getting bigger is more about feeling confident, self-respect and satisfaction.

Next time, don’t be afraid to go to beach and remove your shirt. You will surely make impact behind all Chiquita’s. 😉

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