Hair Care at Home: It’s not a Child’s Play!

Hair care tips

 Once God was in an unbelievably good mood and decided to come down to earth and gift the first two persons he met with one wish each!The first person he met was a guy on his way to work. He was super excited and asked for 100 million dollars deposited to his bank account. Granted!

The next person he met was a woman, also on her way to work in a rush. When God explained why he was here, she had tears in her eyes. She asked with folded hands “Please give me manageable, tangle free, smooth, strong hair that is dandruff free, split ends free and 24 hours glossy.”

God said, “seriously? hair?”

What I am trying to say is that even God doesn’t understand our plight when it comes to hair care!

Most of us are in a rush all the time and it is a boon if we can find time to go and sit in a parlor for hair care even once in several months. Added factors like dust in the environment, stress and lack of a healthy diet only makes matters worse.

We all know what is right. We just don’t get the time to act on it! I have asked around and compiled a set of few hair care regimes that you can follow with ingredients found at your place. These are trusted methods and will help maintain your locks!

Our own coconut oil & honey

Hair care

Coconut oil is the elixir of hair. It nourishes hair and the nutrients stimulate hair follicles, making hair soft, radiant and healthy. Take one part of oil and half part of honey in a bowl and microwave/ heat until warm.  Apply the mixture throughout the hair from roots to tips and cover with a shower cap. Leave it on for 30 minutes and wash with a good quality shampoo. You will see the difference this brings!

Hibiscus/Shoe flower

Hair care

A decade back, every south Indian household had at least one hibiscus plant in their garden. These days I know it is difficult to spot one. If you have a plant at home or somewhere you know, try grabbing few leaves and flowers (preferably the red ones). Wash them thoroughly and blend them into a smooth paste. Apply this gluey sticky paste to your hair end to end and wash after an hour. Do this at least once a week to reduce hair fall and get soft and glowing mane!

Fenugreek Seeds

Hair care

Fenugreek seeds/Methi seeds make hair soft and silky and as a kitchen ingredient, has a lot of benefits to human body too! Make sure to include the same in your diet!

Take 5 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds and soak them overnight in water. The next day morning, blend the seeds with yogurt/curd to make a fine paste. Apply the same to your hair and scalp and leave it covered with a shower cap for an hour at least. Follow it by hair wash. Your hair will feel soft and healthy!

Eat healthy

Food has a lot to do with healthy hair. Make sure to include a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts and pulses in your diet. Mineral loss is the most common cause of hair loss and damage. Copper, iron, silicon, zinc etc. are the most important minerals required for healthy hair and these are abundantly found in nuts, soya beans, vegetables, meat, fish, pulses etc.

There is nothing better than pampering your hair at home using natural products! Sadly this is not the case always. In our busy schedule, we often depend on products available in stores, be it shampoos or conditioners or serums and masks!

Let me talk in detail about the best products available in markets for hair care in my next article. These are time savers and using the right product will make a difference.

Watch out!


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