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In the last article, we had a look at different hair care methods that can be practiced at your own place with ingredients available around you. From home made shampoos to conditioners and masks, almost every product you require for hair care can be homemade. Sadly, most of us do not have time to spend or are just a teeny-weeny bit lazy to regularly follow them!

So what is the next best alternative to homemade products? Herbal care. Herbal products boast of very less chemicals and mostly use natural ingredients in their composition. They gently work on your scalp and hair without the damages other synthetic cosmetics cause and are perfect for everyday use.

I personally prefer herbal based products over chemical products whenever possible because of these reasons

herbal brands

  1. The confidence that herbal products use very less/no chemicals
  2. They are gentle and suitable for everyday use
  3. Over years, herbal products cause lesser damage to hair

So what are the common herbal based hair care products you can try? Let’s have a look.


Most of us like to wash our hair atleast 3-4 times a week. This ensures our hair look healthy, clean and beautiful. These herbal shampoos are a mix of ingredients like aloe vera, amla, shikakai, tea tree oil, hibiscus, mehandi etc. and help nourish and condition the hair and prevent dryness, dandruff and other conditions. There are several products available in the market and you can buy herbal shampoos online or from drug stores.

herbal brands     herbal brands

Hair oil

Herbal hair oils come with a lot of properties like anti dandruff, hair growth, hair fall control and strengthening hair roots. Few brands include Himalayas, Nisargalaya, NeuZen gold, Dhathri etc. Most of these are dermatologically tested. You can check each product and buy Herbal Hair Oil online from leading e-commerce sites

herbal brands   herbal brands

Hair creams

Hair creams are to be applied in circular motion, slowly massaging into roots for protection and prevention of dandruff, hair fall etc. Regular usage of herbal hair creams will help get nourished, soft and shiny hair. Though there are very few brands under the herbal section, you can search within the options and buy herbal hair creams. Most Popularly used herbal hair creams are from Himalaya.

herbal brands   herbal brands

Hair Dye

Hair dyes usually contain ammonia, which on regular usage damages hair. You can try buying herbal based hair dyes that are free of ammonia (you can identify by the distinct pungent smell of ammonia) and are suitable for regular usage.

herbal brands

Years back, when our people neither had the money nor the option to use factory made cosmetics, they found solutions in leaves and roots and nuts and fruits available around them and they remained healthy and beautiful!

There has been a lot of interest from leading brands on herbal products and we are only too happy if all our favorite cosmetic brands give us products that are natural, friendly and chemical free!

You can also Visit our Herbal Care Section to find more products.


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