Healthy Drinks

ImageHealthy Drinks

SIX healthy drinks you must sip:


1. WATER: Hydrating the body early in the morning helps beat that tired feeling and make your skin glow its best! 


2. COFFEE: At Breakfast Coffee helps your heart and (if you take it black) metabolism, and it reduces risk for some types of cancer.

3. GREEN TEA: It is a sip at lunch drink. Green kick-starts metabolism and can help fend off breast cancer.

4. HOT COCOA: It has more antioxidants than coffee, red wine or green tea. Great for your heart and skin; works best when snacked up.

5. RED WINE: At Dinner enjoy a glass of red wine as it could stunt fat-cell growth!

6. MILK: Grab it before going to bed— your skeleton will love the calcium, and your muscles will love the protein. You’ll wake up even stronger!

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