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Organ Donation - Heart

Organ Donation Week – Have a Hearty Day.

Amongst all Transplants, Heart is the most complicated one.

What is a Heart Transplant?

A heart transplant is a surgical procedure to remove the diseased heart and replace it with a healthy one from a deceased donor. Heart Transplant is done in the most severe conditions when all else fails.

What are the Indications of a Heart Transplant?

Heart transplants are done as a life saving measure for patients who are at the end-stage condition. Since, India donor numbers are low, receivers must undergo a careful selection process. They must be sick enough to need a new heart and healthy enough to receive it.

What is the eligibility Criteria for a Donor’s Heart?

  • Donor should be younger than 65 years old
  • Donor should not have been exposed to hepatitis or HIV
  • Donor should have no history of any heart disease
  • Donor’s heart should not be without blood circulation for more than 4 hours
  • Donor should be legally declared Brain Dead by the Physicians

Can a family take the decision of donating Organs of their loved ones, who have been declared Brain Dead?

Yes, the members of the immediate family can take this decision. In a recent incident, a family was all over the news after volunteering to donate their brain dead son’s organs in Delhi. The doctors at AIIMS worked for 10 hours straight to harvest 32 different organs. This decision of the family came from their desire to see their son in as many people as possible, now benefiting atleast 34 people.

India faces a acute shortage of Organ Donors, is that true?

It is estimated that India requires almost about 2,00,000 kidneys and 1,00,000 livers every year and only 2-3% actually get it. Some of the foundations have estimated that almost 50% of all organ needs could be met by simply using organs from the 90,000 road accident deaths every year.

The sad part is that there is a distinct lack of awareness about organ donation amongst people. The only way is to spread the word and encourage people to pledge their organs.

Where can we pledge our Organs?

In India, Organ’s can be pledged by simply maintaining a Donor Card issued by many NGO’s.

The whole Signing up Process hardly takes 1 Minute. All you need to do is Share the facts and let as many people know as possible

One of the Organization by the name MOHAN registers Donors online. Click here for more details.

Keep in touch to know more about organ Donation.


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