All about of Hair Serum – The essential of Hair Care

Hair is like an ornament wherein you can style it as you want. Having a good hair day tops it all. It adds a look to your personality and to style it, you need to have good, thick and healthy hair. 

To maintain and style your hair different products help you like shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, colours, serums, gels etc. 

 In this blog, we are going to understand each and everything about Hair serums and how they should be an integral part of our Haircare Routine. 

 Hair Serums are liquid-based substance and application of the same gives you a sort of layer of protection and works effectively on strengthening your follicles and boosting scalp health as well. 

 Using a hair serum can give you benefits like; 

  • It takes the greasiness off your hair. 
  • It takes off the fizziness and makes your hair soft and smoother. 
  • It gives a shine to your hair. 
  • It prevents your hair from becoming dry. 
  • It protects the hair from natural and electrical humid. 
  • It helps in repairing damaged hair. 
  • Prevents the hair from getting tangled up. 
  • It boosts the texture of the hair and can give a little volume as well.  

One may not know exactly how to use a hair serum as there are different types of it, some to be applied directly on scalps, mostly for hair fall and some to be massaged on hair only, mostly for Fizz control… 

 Follow the below steps while using a standard serum for your hair; 

  • First of all, find the right serum which suits your hair texture.  
  • Wash your hair with a proper shampoo and conditioner.  
  • Dry your hair in such a way where it is a little damp.  
  • Take a little quantity of it and rub it for a while in between your palm and heat it with your palm heat and apply.  
  • Apply it from your ear level till the tips of your hair.  
  • Take small sections of hair and apply with your fingertips and brush it. 

 There are a few things you can and you shouldn’t do while using a hair serum like 

  • Use a small amount of serum because overuse of it can break your hair 
  • Put a little amount of it and rub it in between your palm and then apply on your hair 
  • Apply it before you blow-dry or straighten your hair 
  • Buy an apt serum which suits your hair 
  • Apply it when your hair is slightly wet or if not damp it a little then apply 

You Can Try These Quality Hair Serums for Best Results:

  1. Folirich Hair Growth Serum, 60ml 

Folirich Hair Growth Serum Prevents Hair Fall & Promotes Hair Growth 

 Benefits Of Folirich Hair Growth Serum : 

  • Helps protect hair from harsh salon processes & environmental stressors 
  • Makes hair look more shiny & healthy 
  • Improves compatibility of hair 
  • Reduces static & frizz 
  • Enriched with Natural Peptide Complex and Botanical Activities 
  • Prevents Follicle Ageing And Hair Fall 
  • Increases Hair Strength and Enhances Elasticity 
  • Stimulates Micro Circulation, Stops Follicle Atrophy 
  • Reduces Micro Inflammation Responsible For Hair Damage 

         2.Densita Hair Growth Serum, 60ml 

Densita Hair Growth Serum is an advanced hair growth therapy fortified with Redensyl and enriched with plant stem cell therapy. Densita Serum stimulates hair growth and stops hair loss.

  • Re-activates the hair growth cycle 
  • Increases hair follicle length, improves hair root anchoring 
  • Proven Clinical results in less than 3 months 
  • Enriched with patented PhytoCellTec stem cells 
  • Delays the aging process of hair 

 Now that you know everything about hair serums. Use them to increase hair strength, reduce hair loss, and prevent damage.

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