Take Care of your Hair – The Right Way

A day with good and conditioned hair can make us feel confident and very much attractive. Strong, healthy and shiny hair is one of the most common factor youngsters care about. This makes hair care one of the most important aspects of our beauty regime.
Hair fall, dry or oily hair or unhealthy looking hair is lack of proper care given to hair. Let’s look into some of the basics steps for hair care which seems elementary but can affect the health of your hair.

Hair Care Remedies


  • Choose a shampoo based on your hair type. For instance dry, oily and combination of both require different type of shampoos.
  • Try to shampoo your hair every alternative day if possible
  • Don’t shampoo without following it with a conditioner
  • Dilute the shampoo in water before using. Rinse the shampoo within 30 seconds post application
  • Do small and circular type motions with your finger tips to massage your scalp and stimulate blood flow

Breaking and hair loss

  • Before applying the shampoo, make sure that your hair is thoroughly wet to minimize breakage and hair loss
  • Spray some hairspray into your palm and then run your hands through your hair
  • Make sure that your hair accessories do not damage your hair


  • Do not pour hot water on your hair as it gets rid of the natural oil
  • Use hot water for your first rinse and cold water for your last rinse
  • Apple cider vinegar or even beer can be used for final rinse. You can use cold steeped tea for a nice gloss to your hair.

Hair Dryers and Other Tools

  • Hair Dryers must be avoided
  • Rather than rubbing your hair with towel wrap the towel around your hair so that it may absorb the moisture
  • Use heat resistant sprays to protect your hair
  • Choose Argan oil which can be applied prior to heat straightening

Brush Your Hair

  • Brush your hair every day to avoid tangles.
  • The brush helps to circulate natural oils evenly throughout your air. This gives you a strong and healthy hair.
  • Use a wide toothed comb to detangle your hair or to avoid breakage.


  • If you want to get highlights on to your hair, avoid bleach based treatments. Opt for natural products.
  • Opt for Branded and formaldehyde free products.

Do not shampoo for at least 48 hours after coloring hair. Every time you wet your hair, you increase the risk of opening the cuticle. Instead, let the hair grab as much color as it can.

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