Hair Care Myths : You need to stop believing in

Everybody should follow a suitable hair care regimen. It helps people in maintaining healthy hair which in turn makes them positive about themselves. There are a lot of hair care tips and facts which really helps in keeping your hair healthy, but also there are a lot of hair care myths as well, which people have agreed to and accepted. Few of them are as follows; 

  • Your hair will have the ultimate shine when washed with cold water: This isn’t true. Just because it is believed that cold water closes the pores people tend to believe that it gives a shine to the hair as well. Using water be it cold or lukewarm to wash your hair doesn’t make much of a difference. Washing it every day and maintaining it well can get a shine. 
  • Leaving your hair open while sleeping can help in growth: This is one of the common misconceptions. Leaving your hair open and sleeping might help in sleeping peacefully. Tight ponytails can cause headaches etc. Leaving the hair open can avoid breaking of the strands or damaging it. 
  • You can grow your hair faster by cutting your hair quite often: Well cutting the hair can help in maintaining it well and creating volume but doesn’t help in growing faster. Hair grows from the root that is the hair follicle. The ends of the strands go off while cutting which helps in decreasing the weight on the roots. 
  • Wash your hair daily with all the products to keep it clean: It isn’t necessary to have a hair wash daily with shampoo and conditioner. Two-three days a week would be great. Using the products daily might damage the hair. 
  • Colouring the hair can cause a lot of damage: It does cause a lot of damage when the colour has a lot of chemicals in it. But if colour with fewer chemicals is used in the right way and is maintained well no damage can be caused. 
  • You can mend your split ends: Damage in hair cuticle leads to split ends. Split ends cannot be repaired. Once occurred it’s better to chop it off. 
  • Switching of shampoos and other hair products can make hair look healthier: Switching of hair products might be quite harmful to the hair as well as scalp. Too many chemicals can damage the hair and you might not get adjusted to certain products.  
  •  Using a hair drier it’s better to dry naturally: Long hair needs a long time to dry than short hair. So it’s better when you use a hair drier but with minimal heat.  

Follow the right hair care routine. Know your hair texture and nature, do not fall into misconceptions. Have a happy and healthy hair. 

Healthy hair, Happy You! 


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