Getting Your Face Wash Right.

Some things move in a circle. It starts from a point, moves in a curve and indirectly ends up in the same place where it started. There was a time when people used Neem and Salt to clean their teeth. Then it slowly changed to chemicals, and here we are again, back to having Neem and Salt in our toothpaste. The same goes with face wash we are back to adding Neem, Aloe vera, Orange and cucumber to our facewash. Strange isn’t it?

But a thing we can’t deny it, in the environment we are living in,  face wash is a must, sometimes it feels like there is more pollution than air, take a walk in a crowded area, you feel your face colour has changed in 10 minutes due to pollution and various environmental stressors, for reasons like this facewash is much needed.

Before you start using a face wash, you need to understand your skin. Because every face wash might not suit your skin. The basic skin types are – Dry Skin, Oily Skin and Combination skin.

You need to understand your skin so that you can get the face wash which works well for you.

The perfect time to wash your face?

For those with dry and sensitive skin washing once a day is enough, and at night would be preferred. Wash two times a day if your skin is oily. And never wash your face more than two times a day.

Things to remember while using a face wash;

1)    Remove your makeup before washing:- Taking off your makeup with a face wash, or even using facewash when the makeup is on is a bad idea. Wipe away all the stubborn makeup, but not with the facewash. You can gently use towels and wipes to gently take off the facewash.

2)    Be cautious of the temperature of the water:- The temperature of the water matters while washing your face. Stick to cold or lightly warm water, while washing your face. The problem with hot water is it makes your face drier. Rinsing your face with hot water can cause acne, flares and breakouts.

3)    Keep a watch on the time:- If you are washing your face for a long time, say 1 minute or more, stop this bad habit right away. Do not rinse your face for more than 30 seconds.

4)    Never wash more than two times a day:- washing your face depends on the type of your skin, but any skin type it may be, do not wash your face more than two times a day.

5)    Moisturize after washing your face:- Boost your skins hydration in the morning and night after using the facewash.

6)    Do not rub your skin to dry:- Do not rub your skin to dry. Keep it gentle and soft. Use a soft cotton cloth or towel and remember to pat dry.

As mentioned you need to understand your skin type before using a face wash.

ClickOnCare has face wash for every type of skin type:

For Dry Skin:

Christine Valmy Valclean II – Dry Skin Facewash

This is a gel-based face wash for normal to dry skin, it hydrates and soothes the skin. It can be used for dry skin.

For Oily Skin:

Glomed Cleansing Face Wash

Glomed facewash is face cleanser for ageing, pigmentation and oily skin. Glomed A non-irritant face cleanser for ageing, pigmentation and oily skin. Maximum concentration amongst all face washes with AHA & BHA – better efficacy. With good lathering effect for a complete cleansing experience. The gentle cleansing base for irritation-free cleansing.

For combination skin:

Aha glow Skin Rejuvenating Face Wash Gel

This face wash suits combination skin. Aha glow face wash keeps your skin fresh and rejuvenated throughout the day. It maintains the pH balance of the skin and keeps it hydrated. It reduces wrinkles and also improves skin texture.

Be Kind To Your Skin, its got you covered.

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